Quilt Market-Pt. 1

As promised, here are some of the quilts I worked on for Northcott,

for the  upcoming Quilt Market, in Houston. Color Works is the name of

this new fabric line by Deborah Edwards. The new lines consists of 21

solid colors, 4 printed panels and 14 co-ordinate fabrics. As you

will see by the quilts below, you can mix and match all of these

fabrics and the combinations are endless.

“Soho” is the name of this quilt and it was designed by Jean Boyd.


The middle section is comprised of a printed panel. How cool is that?


For all the SID work, I used a monofilament thread. It seems

to take on the color around it and hides well. In the circles, I quilted

swirls and circles around the pointy parts. In the background area, I

quilted in straight lines.


In the white areas, I used a white Glide 40 wt thread. I quilted in

squiggly lines, using one of Angela Walter’s signature style.

The red area beside it, also received an Angela Walter’s style in the

form of swirls.  I used a Metro 40wt thread for that area.


This border area, is also a printed panel. Love, love, love the

flying geese and you don’t have to piece them at all. In this area, I

used the monofilament once again. I really didn’t know what color

to use, due to all the color variations so the monofilament seemed

like a good fit. In the flying geese, I quilted in angled lines and in the

stripes, I used straight lines.


The backing fabric is cool;it consists of a black background and colorful

circles. I used a Metro black 40 wt for the thread on the backing.


A close up of the backing fabric.


“Patch and Ponder” by Valerie Miller of Quilted Covers was the next

quilt.Looking on Pinterest, I saw this great circular quilting and so I

had to try it

Because my longarm is not computerized, I marked every inch

or so and then used my straight edge ruler to quilt in the lines. It turned

out pretty good, I only had to unpick a few areas. Circles are hard to quilt

because you can see every little squiggle that you make. I used a white

Glide 40 wt thread for the top and the backing. I really love how

playful this quilt feels when I look at it.

“Color Strata” by Jean Boyd is the next quilt.


This quilt also has a printed panel in the middle of the quilt. It makes my

job easier because all I have to do is follow the lines on the panel. I used a

variegated thread in the middle panel but a clear and dark monofilament

thread on the rest of the quilt. I used alot of straight lines on this quilt.


This is the border sections. I love the straight lines in this section

of the quilt.


The backing consists of a black background with colorful squares in


There are a few more quilts but I will leave them for next week.

Have a great week.


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