One busy lady…

Barb has been one busy lady.


This is the first of several that Barb brought me. She is planning

on giving this one to her dad. What a sweet daughter.


Don’t you just love the batik fabrics? I certainly do.

Barb decided that she wanted the “Flirtatous” panto for the

quilting design.  A great choice with all those swirls in it.


I really love this border.  What a great way to add interest to a quilt. If I

remember correctly, we used a light grey polyester thread for the top

and the backing.


Back of Barb’s Quilt

The backing shows off the quilting beautifully too.


A close up of the backing.


This is Barb’s second quilt, there are several more but

my computer is not co-operating right now. Again, Batiks,

how can you not love these fabrics? We used a variegated

thead for the top and a solid green for the backing.


The block is very interesting and seems somewhat modern

to me. I am guessing that this quilt is put together in strips.

What a great design for a strip quilt.  Again my computer is

acting up and not uploading pictures so I will work on that

for you for next week.

Have a great week.

A quick hello

Here’s a quick hello and hoping that you are having a great week

thus far. Last week brought lots of challenges but I managed

to make it through unscathed. My daughter was less

fortunate though. She picked up Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease

but it usually passes within a week or so. She is on the mend.

Doesn’t it freak you out that it is November already? Time seems

to be flying by. I guess the old adage :”Time flies when you are having

fun” is true. Here is some of the fun I have been having lately.


Mary made this quilt for a special young man. He chose the colors

and she made the quilt. What a great deal that is!


The blocks are fairly simple but it is always the colors that

change up the look of a block and a quilt.

Mary chose “Swirls” for the design and a light grey polyester

thread for the top and the backing.


The backing is pretty cool in and of itself.


Mary’s backing

This young man loves to play the trumpet and so Mary chose

trumpets for the back of the quilt. It amazes me how much

quilters love to find fabric that the recepient loves. I guess that

is part of the thrill of quilting too, hunting down the perfect

fabric for that special quilt and person. We are such a thoughtful

group. I think you deserve to give yourself a pat on the back today.

For those of you who want to get a head start on Christmas-I am

sorry that I mentioned that word but it is coming. Here is a link

to a site that helps you get organized NOW for Christmas. I have

followed it in the past and it does help alot.

There are 6 weeks in this plan so make sure that you download and

print off the checklist for each week. It helps to put the sheets in

a small binder. It does work.