Christmas is almost here…

Christmas Day is almost here and I am not ready. Usually I am

pretty organized but this year, I am behind. The funny part is that

I am not stressing about it- yet. Maybe when the kids get out of

school, that will be my wake up call. Until Friday, I am ok.

Janate saw this Nancy Halvorsen pattern hanging on my wall

last year. She fell in love with it and asked me to make her one.


Somehow, I did manage to complete hers while my own

wallhanging is still hanging on the wall- uncompleted. Anyone else

feel my pain?



You have got to love how cute this pattern is. The cheeks

are embroidered onto Santa’s face and the moustache is added

once the whole thing is quilted.

I tried to quilt in lines that resembled the wind blowing in this

block. And Santa’s beard was quilted to resemble wavy hair.


Cardinals on the mistletoe.

The cardinals have their beaks embroidered  and their

eyes consists of French knots.  I quilted in swirls in the

cream background, straight lines in the gold sections

and wavy lines in the aqua background.


Rudolph received some buttons too. I really love his red button

nose, it has a swirl in it as well. Wind was the idea behind the

quilting for this block . And I love the snowflakes in the

bottom of the block.


I wanted to create the illusion of the ornaments hanging on a

tree, so thus the reason for the branches.  And the bottom

ornament has the name of the family who will be hanging

this  in their home.


Candy Cane

Strips add a bit of drama as well. And the 3D leaves add some more

interest to the overall wallhanging.


The backing shows some of the quilting. Monofilament thread

was used for the outlining of the motifs in the blocks.  I did

use a fusible to attach all the motifs onto the background blocks.

I really don’t like Satin stitching at all and I didn’t have time to

do this so I put the top on the frame and stitched around each

motif with monofilament thread. Then, I added the backing and

the batting and quilted this wallhanging. It took longer than I

anticipated but is well worth the time.

After the top was completed, there still was alot of embellishments

to add and some embroidery that needed to be done.


Now I just have to repeat it all over again. I am looking forward to

completing my own version of this wallhanging.

Have a great week and don’t stress too much. You will get it all done

by the time Christmas Day arrives.






Christmas season is upon us…

Once again, the Christmas Season has snuck upon me. I must

be getting older because I say that it comes around faster every year.

Although this wallhanging is not Christmasy, it is red and hopefully,

will put you in the Christmas Spirit.

Dale brought me this wallhanging.


Dale’s wallhanging

“Do what you want” were her

exact words. That sounds like a whole lot of fun to me.

I had visions of swirls, instead of sugar plums, dancing in

my head.


My sugar plums

The Poppies were SID with a smoky monofilament thread. It

really blends well with dark backgrounds and you don’t have

to constantly change thread colors, although I didn’t have to

do that here.


I love the poppies in this wallhanging. I used a black

Glide thread for the black background because I wanted

to give it some extra sheen.


Border area

In the border, I quilted in straight lines. I didn’t want a fancy

border to take away from the poppies so I kept it fairly simple.

I used a red polyester thread for the border area.


How can you not love these poppies? It is  a gift

for a special military man.


The backing

The backing shows up the quilting nicely. Black was the

color of the backing but it looks silver here.


The backing -2

Here again, the backing does not look black.  The Poppies

stand out alot here. I sometimes love the back of a quilt

as much as the front. It tells the same story but just in

a different color.

Hope you have a great week and don’t stress too much

about Christmas and all that has to be done. By the time

Christmas Day gets here, you will have it all done.