Blue and green..

Blue and green seem to be the colors that I am being drawn to

lately. It’s funny how my preference for color seems  to keep

changing. Last year, I loved bright reds and oranges. Can you

believe that?

Do you have a preference for a certain color?


Nathalie’s Quilt

This is an interesting pattern but it is the color that is

drawing me in.


The border area

Here is the pieced border. The quilt doesn’t look flat because

I had it bunched up on the floor. It is quite large so I would not

have been able to lay it all out flat.


Again, I love the colors of this quilt. Maybe because I

am also working on my Oceans BOM.


Oceans BOM-completion of blocks only.

I am hoping to have it all pieced within the next 2 weeks so I can

begin adding embellishments. Wish me luck.


The borer area is pretty cool. The pieced border

mimics the piecing in the centre of the quilt but in a

different way.


The backing shows the quilting nicely. Nathalie wanted

an all over design and chose “Quirky.” The design

resembles one of the prints on the front of the quilt.


A pieced backing

I love pieced backings. They add more interest to the back

and use up more fabric as well. Nathalie chose a light

aqua polyester thread for the top and the backing.

Can I brag a little here? My son drew this picture for his

art class, in school.


Mothers can be pretty biased when it comes to their kids’ abilities

but I really do think he is talented when it comes to drawing.


A close up of the baseball. Can I remind you that this is

drawn freehand and with a pencil. Looks pretty

realistic, doesn’t it?

Hope you have a good week.

Can I challenge you to find something amazing about

each of your own children today?

See you next week.

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