Thread Sketching

I finally finished my Chameleon.


If you are in Toronto, in June, check him out at the Trend Tex

Challenge, at Quilt Canada. I am sure that there will be lots

of awe inspiring quilts to be seen.


The eye really stands out because I thread sketched it and the

entire body ; then I added an extra layer of batting under the

eye. I cut off the excess and when I added the backing and

batting, it made 2 layers of batting under the eye. So, it really

pops out.


I love, love, love texture. So, I had to quilt in the scales on the

chameleon. Even though he wasn’t large, it still took me 5 hours to

stitch in all these scales. It was so much fun!!

While I was working on this chameleon, I came across this Japanese

quilter, Danny Amazonas. His color sense and art work are

amazing. Now, back to my little corner of the world.

Here are some other quilts that I managed to complete this

past  week.


Laura created this flannel quilt. The colors are very vibrant. Laura

wanted a purple polyester thread for the top and the backing.

Purple seems like an odd color but it blends well with the colors

and doesn’t “read” purple on the quilt top.


I love the saw tooth border; it adds a lot of interest to the quilt top.


The backing always tells a different story than the quilt top itself.

Even the backing is flannel so the finished quilt does have a bit

of weight to it.


Laura chose “Kelsey” for the overall quilting designs.


Donna created this beauty.  The blocks are quite large so

I am sure that the piecing went together a bit quicker than



I used a Glide Cream thread on the top and the backing. And

“Bowknots” was the name of the overall quilting design.


All the blocks were different; adds a nice bit of interest to

the quilt as well.


I must admit that I get bored when I have to make more

than 2 blocks that are the same. What about you? Do you

like repetitive piecing?


Back of Donna’s quilt


The back was made of a cream print.  You can see the

pattern that was stitched on the top of the quilt.


Jeanette made this quilt. She is so good at using up all

of her fabrics that she has.


Linda Taylor’s “Feathers” panto was used for the stitching.

A brown polyester thread was used on the top and the backing.

It really shows off the quilting nicely.


Back of Jeanette’s quilt.


A close up of the backing.

What are you working on this week?  I’m not sure about

you but this cold weather is a great chance to quilt away

before spring gets here and cleaning fever hits.

Have a great week.

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