Cover Girl

I am a cover girl, even though it is on the back of the



cover girl

I was leafing through this magazine last week and came upon

this quilt on the back.

“I quilted one like this for Northcott last October” was the

thought that ran through my mind. Then I looked closer at the

quilting and thought”yes, that is the one I did!”


A closer look at the quilting .

You can read all about the process I went through to

complete this quilt at this link:http://stitchingimpressions.


Last week was productive in that I finished Joan’s

Gypsy’s Sampler. What great colors  she chose.


Joan’s Gypsy Sampler

I apologize for the bright sunshine, wish that we

would have some more of it this week.

Joan wanted some modern quilting done on the top,

pebbles and matchsticks to be exact. I really love the

texture that this combination creates but after

4-5 hours of quilting it, I kind of get a bit bored.


But you just have to stick with it until it is completed.

I used a light green So Fine polyester thread for the top

and the backing. You would not believe how much thread

this kind of stitching uses up.

I started out with a 3,000 yard spool and it was half gone

by the time the quilt was completed. And the weight of

the quilt increases alot too, even with this fine thread.


A close up of the pebbles and matchsticks.

How can you not love this texture?


The backing fabric consisted of a peachy

red print. The green thread does show up

nicely on it.


When you run your fingers over the quilt, the pebbles

feel like bubble wrap. I tried to make the pebbles a

little bigger.

The matchsticks quilt up quite quickly but the pebbles

do take alot of time.


A charity quilt

This is a charity quilt that has been hanging around

for some time and needed to be completed.


Brenda was the piecer, she really is quite generous as

she has completed quite a few of these for the



These quilts are so much fun. In this case, I quilted around

the blocks themselves. I didn’t want to stitch any pattern

over them, so why not go around them?


You can see the quilting path that I took. I

merely outlined the pattern that was on the front

of the quilt. I used a light blue and white

polyester thread for the top and a dark green for the


Have a great week.



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