Cupcakes anyone?


Susan’s Cupcake Quilt

Susan took a trip to Len’s Mills and ended up buying some fabric with

mice all over it. From there, this became the springboard for her

making a Cupcake Quilt. She found an adorable one designed by

Lori Holt, called “Cake Walk.”


One of the cakes on the quilt.

I keep telling Susan that she should be designing quilts herself, as

she takes an idea, runs with it and makes it her own. As in the

above photo, she chose fabric and then bought all types of

trim for the icing on the cakes. She said that she had so much

fun choosing fabrics and trims for this quilt.


Cake n0. 3

Can you see the mouse on the top of the cake? Even the mice

on the  print fabric were so cute. I must admit that this

quilt was so much fun to work on. Every time I  looked at it,

I had to smile because it seemed so full of joy.


Here is one of the finished blocks. I used a monofilament

thread to stitch around all the cake layers. And I used 2

different brown thread for the sides and bottoms of the windows.

There were 11 different cakes and I cupcake block.


All the cakes had stippling in the backgrounds but the cupcakes

were different because of the dome they were under. I stippled

in the background area but quilted in straight lines under the

dome. This helped to differentiate between the 2 areas.

I used a white So Fine thread for the backgrounds and a

brown So Fine thread for the backing.


I had to show you the label that Susan made. Isn’t it

adorable?  You can see the stitching I did on the

border, behind the label. Unfortunately, I  forgot to

take pictures before I sent it out the door. I stitched

around each and every mouse in the border because

I couldn’t bear to quilt anything over them.


Mary’s Quilt

This is Mary’s quilt, which I also forgot to post here.

It is called ” The Wizard of Oz Meets New York.”


One of the spikes in the middle of the  quilt.

Mary has written in some of the words to the song that

Dorothy sang in the movie: “The Wizard of OZ.”

And some of the colors in the quilt reflect that theme as well.

Most of the quilting consisted of SID but I did quilt in

straight lines around the center medallion, following the

lines of the fabric print. Why fight with the print?


The center of the quilt.

I used a  monofilament thread to do all the SID work.

In the center, I wanted it to be more noticeable, so I

stitched in a double lines around the spokes. In the

black border area, I also stitched double lines.

In the outside borders, I used straight lines again,

to draw the eye into the center of the quilt.


The backing

The back has  its own story to tell as well. I really

love all the texture on the backing.


I used a grey thread for the backing of the fabric.

Pebbles were stitched in the middle of the medallion

block as well.

Have a great week and check out some other

quilters at The Needle and Thread Network.

One thought on “Cupcakes anyone?

  1. Mary Marcotte says:

    Your work is fabulous! I love that you quilted around the mice. I would, also, since they are such an important part of the quilt story.

    The second quilt looks like so much work! You make it sound and look easy, but I think that’s a professional hat trick for the rest of us!

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