Jeanette made this quilt. What a great pattern in each

of the blocks.  It reminds me of snowflakes. I used a medium

blue polyester thread for the top and the backing.


An overall design called “Celtic Braid” was the

pattern of choice.


The piecing around the blocks  helps the

snowflakes stand out even more.


A blue flannel is on the back of the quilt.


A close up of the quilting . Flannel really makes the

quilting stand out.


The border of the quilt is comprised of a nice

floral fabric.


Eva made this quilt for her grandson. She is so

ingenious and one of those people who uses whatever

materials are around.


In this case, she used clean (unused boxer shorts) that

her grandson didn’t like. Eva chose a pattern and colors

to co-ordinate with all of the boxer colors. Did I mention

how creative she is as well?


On the backing of the quilt, she used leftover

boxer shorts. No fabric is safe when she is around.


I used a blue polyester thread for the top and the

backing. The “Swirl” panto was the pattern of



Ann created this beauty. It reminds me of spring and is

oh, so cheerful. Ann wanted a swirly design and this

one fit perfectly.


I used a  brown polyester thread for the top and the backing.


The backing was a cheery yellow color as well.


The swirls are a quick panto to stitch out.


Karen’s Snowman Quilt

Karen found this snowman kit and created this quilt.

Each block is colored  with crayons. What a great idea

to get kids involved with quilting!


Karen wanted a swirly design; it resembles a windy

snowy day for the snowmen. If you noticed, 3 of these

quilts have the same quilt pattern on them. Yet,

the design works with each of the different quilts

and patterns.


I used a blue grey polyester thread for the top and the

backing of the quilt.


The close up looks great. Karen used a grey flannel

for the backing too, it makes the quilt, oh so

warm and cuddly as well.

Have a great week.


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