A Sneak Peek…

Recently, I quilted several quilts for Northcott, for an upcoming

Show. So, this is a sneak peek for all of you who did not go to the



This year the trend seems to be going towards printed panels.

There are 2  panels sewn together to make one quilt. It is less

time consuming for sure.


Northcott wanted an overall design for one of the quilts.

I chose something swirly -named “Flirtatous.” It adds some

movement to the top.


In the border area, there are some cool vintage sewing



The backing

I used a grey variegated So Fine Superior Thread -a 40 weight

for the top and the backing.


Buttons of the back of the quilt.

The backing was covered in buttons, very fitting for

this printed panel quilt.


The second quilt, is the exact same printed panel but

in a different color way. This time, I could play and

stitch any design I wanted onto the top.


I love the straight lines around these blocks. On the fabric,

there were all sorts of rulers so I just  picked a shape and

stitched around it. In the block border, each block has

a little bit of stitching as well.


On the sides of the borders, there are a few blocks that

look  pieced but are again,printed. I really like the

words in the border area.


The backing.

It was quite interesting to see how different, besides the

color difference, these 2 quilts were when completed.


Close up of the backing.

Again, buttons on the back of the quilt.


This beauty belongs to Bethanne Nemesh. I had the

opportunity to take a class with her this past week.

And yes, I did ask permission to take photos of her

quilts,  at The Quilting Bee, in Fonthill, Ontario.


This woman is very talented, smart, creative and witty.

I had a great time too and hopefully learned lots in the



Some close ups of her wholecloth quilt. If you ever get

the chance to take one of her classes, you will not be

disappointed at all.

Have a great week and enjoy the warm sunshine, here in

Southern Ontario.



4 thoughts on “A Sneak Peek…

  1. debra says:

    Lots of wonderful work LAQ amaze me with their talent. I have tried but will stick to someone else doing it. It must be wonderful just to work with these new fabrics coming out!
    Great workshop at Fonthill that quilt is stunning! Fonthill brings in great speakers!

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