Summer is just around the corner…

Summer is just around the corner and I am beginning to panic a

little. This is a good problem, if there is such a thing.

Irregardless, here are some recent quilts that I have completed.


Dara has been a busy girl. She saw a panto titled “Flipflops”

and had the perfect quilt for it.


The colors are very vibrant and great for flip flops to be

walking all over it. I used a purple polyester thread for the

top and the backing.


The backing

Again, vibrant gorgeous colors.


Can you see the flip flops?  There are shells stitched into

the top too but they may resemble hands a little.


Isabel created this beauty. She wanted all overall design so

she chose stars. Very fitting indeed.


I used a cream polyester thread by Omni.


The backing,

The backing was made up of a thick fabric print. I used

a grey polyester thread here.


You can really see the stars here. It is really difficult to

stitch stars. It may sound wierd but the lines are hard

to keep perfectly straight.


Janis’ quilt

The colors of this quilt are really stunning. Fall is one of

the favorite times of the year for me and this quilt

reminds me of Fall.


In the center of the quilt, there are 9 different blocks

surrounded by a double border.


The flying geese on the outside of the quilt adds even more

interest to the top. I used a golden brown polyester thread

by Omni for the top and the backing.


I really love pieced backings. What a great idea to use up all the

leftover fabric from the top. A great recycling idea!


The panto Janis chose was leaves. It is a really big design

because the quilt is so big.  Scale always has to be taken into

consideration when choosing a design.


This is an interesting quilt. Jeanette made this quilt

using fabric she had originally bought for a dress.


The fabric is really thin but it seems to hold up well with

the rest of the fabrics. Jeanette will have to be really

careful when she washes it though.


The backing is made up of flannel. It is very warm

and cuddly. Jeanette chose an overall panto titled

“Celtic Braid.” I used a beige polyester thread for the

top and the backing.


I was away last week. Water is so relaxing and inviting,

although it wasn’t  too inviting last week.


While I was in Nfld, I had to have some of these. I made

sure that it was lobster season before I left. The fishermen

had caught these the day that I bought them. How can they

not taste good?


My supper

Have a great week.


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