Quilt Canada-Part 1

Quilt Canada is currently happening at the International

Center, In Toronto, this week. I was there yesterday,

volunteering for several hours. My buddy in crime, as we

manned the door, was Patti Carey. What fun we had

checking tickets. Because I took so many pictures of quilts,

I will be posting them within the next several weeks so

bear with me. Enjoy.


This modern quilt intrigued me. At first glance, you see a

guy wearing sunglasses but as you get up close to the quilt,

all the black colors are really circles. Each one is a different

size though. I thought it was pretty creative.


The Toronto Modern Quilt Guild was displaying some of

their modern quilts. This is a taste of what they have created.


Chains. The blue color is what caught my eye.


I like the layout of this quilt. Again, who comes

up with these ideas? I am learning  that you have to be

brave and just create what you like, irregardless of what

others think.


I like the colors of this quilt too.


Again, the  colors caught my eye. On closer inspection,

you will see that the fabrics are all raw edge applique.


Tracey Lawko created these hay bales. She is quite talented

in that she creates pictures by using only thread. It is

quite impressive to see up close and personal.


Modern quilt

This quilt intrigued me. At first glance, you think that the

fabric is printed this way but it fact, all the shapes on this

quilt was cut and pasted there. All the stitching holds those

pieces in place. Again, how do people come up with these

ideas? It would take me a million years to even think

of such a thing.


I really love this quilt. The horse is comprised of different

colors of chessecloth that has been added to the tan background,

Even the tan rectangle, behind the horse, is one sheer  piece of

fabric. There is alot of stitching on the horse but it is beautiful.


I liked the stitching on this traditional piece so I had to have

a picture of it.


This quilt is so full of color. I really do like the color and

the size draws me to it as well.


How could I pass up this cute little bear?



And puffins, I have a soft spot for them, especially

since I am from Nfld.


They are so cute.


More modern quilts. The quilting adds alot of

dimension to them as well.


Again, the color draws me in. And the piecing is pretty

cool as well.


I am beginning to like the color orange more and more.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. There are more to come.

Also,note that if you click on each picture, the

picture will pop up larger. Good to know if you want to see

each quilt a little closer.

Before I forget, Kerry Burke’s quilt “Friends of Baltimore”

won “Excellence in Hand Applique.”  Wow! It it truly a

work of art and love. I worked on it for her last summer,

so I am pretty happy about that as well.


Kerry’s “Friends of Baltimore.”


The winning quilt

Have a good week.


5 thoughts on “Quilt Canada-Part 1

  1. betweens says:

    I was there on Friday it was great fun my husband went with me and he also thought it was worth going. Lots of wonderful ideas, I am so glad you took lots of pictures I didn`t bring my camera thinking that we would not be allowed too. Loved the Trend Tex challenge as well many mini quilts from all over the world
    Thanks for sharing you were lucky to have Patti Carey I am sure that you both were able to share much together as excited quilters passed your way. Loved seeing what quilters were wearing and the bags they carried very creative as well

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