Trains and Halloween

I have been dealing with trains and Halloween this past week.

It certainly adds some interest to the hot weather we are having.


Joan made this cute quilt for an upcoming new baby. She

bought the train border fabric at Lens Mills. Then, she designed

the center pattern by herself. I think she did a great job.


I love the train border print. Isn’t it  cute?

Trying to keep the quilting design simple isn’t so

easy after all. I stitched in a railroad track, some

cows and several houses, all in keeping with the

border print.


The back of the quilt also tells its own story. I love the

texture on the backing.


Quilt #2 by Joan

Joan had to cover all her bases by making a quilt for

a baby boy or  baby girl. The owls remind me of a

modern quilt, so that is the route I chose for

deciding what motifs to use on the top.


A wavy rounded blocks were stitched in the outside

border. In the white blocks, I stitched in wavy lines

and I ditch stitched around the owls.


I used an aqua polyester thread on the top and for

the backing. Again, you can see the texture on the back

of the quilt. Both quilts will be a great gift to receive.

Next up is Laura’s Halloween quilt. She is already

prepared and ahead of the game for this upcoming Fall



Laura’s Halloween quilt.

The panel was discovered at Lens Mills. It is a great

place to find distinct fabrics.

Laura sewed together half square triangles to make the

quilt bigger and to add to the Halloween theme. She did

a great job finding matching fabrics for the whole quilt.


The panel section was easy to quilt, just stitch around each

character in a monfilament thread.


I really love the mummy owl.


The half square triangles. I love the spider webs. Laura

didn’t know what design to place on the top so I

suggested spider webs. It seemed to fit the Halloween

theme so, why not?


Again, the back tells its own story. Even though it

is a print, you can still see the spider webs. I used a

black polyester thread for the top and the backing.


The spider webs

The spider webs look great on the back of

the quilt.  Laura really loves the spider webs so that is all

that matters.

I really like them too.

Have a great week.

One thought on “Trains and Halloween

  1. Laurel says:

    Adorable little quilts. Yes, I LOVE the train border! You did a lovely job quilting it and the others.

    And, your Halloween quilt is simply BOO-tiful!

    Thank you for posting to The Needle and Thread Network’s WIP Wednesday!

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