Hanging in there…

Although it has been a hot summer, I am hanging in there. This past

week has been interesting, to say the least. It was our 20th wedding

anniversary and we spent it in the hospital; my husband fractured his

ankle so it was swollen pretty badly. I am sure that he will make it

up to me later on.


This is a wall hanging I have had on my design wall for well

over a year. I thought that it was time to complete it.

Only 7 more houses to add; I must note that I found this

picture on Pinterest. Because I am making it for myself and not

selling it for profit, I thought it was ok to make.

I do respect copyright laws and peoples’ creative property.


Mug Rug

I must admit that this is my first mug rug that I have ever made.

They remind me of fabric postcards, proably due to their small size.


The back of my mug rug. I finished the edge with a tight zigzag stitch.

Inspiration came from Pinterest. It has such great ideas that one can

tweak yourself. I used interfacing for the tea bag and I used black

fusible interfacing for the tea leaves inside the tea bag.



Another fabric postcard that I made. The circles are supposed

to be hay bales in a field. I painted the grey fabric that makes

up the buildings. A sharpie marker was used to add the

windows in the buildings.


Back of my fabric postcard

Using a stamp on the back of the postcard really helps to

finish it off and look more professional.

It was alot of fun making and quite quick too. I may

have another idea for a fabric postcard.

What have you been creating this week?

Have a great week.

7 thoughts on “Hanging in there…

  1. Pam Marbourg says:

    One of the things I like about being a quilter is how we look at others work both past and present and adapt it in our own voice. I admire how you gave credit to the original designer. I think it is okay to adapt and adopt as long as we do this. So many patterns are derived from antique quilts either using their ideas, motifs or layouts.

  2. Esther Aliu says:

    Happy Anniversary to you both, sorry to hear your DH has been down with a sore ankle. I also get less done in the summer as I can’t stand the heat and don’t enjoy sewing when it’s so hot. I love those houses, I think I have a house WIP just like it…somewhere…and I also think mug rugs remind me of quilt postcards – but more useful 🙂

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