Back at it…

School has begun and I am back at it, trying to catch up. I did manage

to complete 3 quilts so far this week but I can only show you 2 of them.


I have been quilting coverlets for a local drapery store. This fabric

is a light tan color but it is so beautiful. I am very tempted to make

my own coverlets for my bed.


There were 2 coverlets measuring in at 94″ x 114″, if I remember

correctly. Minimal quilting was the request but I am discovering

that this is hard for me. I love complicated designs but I did

manage to keep it simple.


A light tan Omni polyester thread was used for the top and the

backing. I stitched around the big motifs so that there would

be some puffy areas.


The backing consisted of a light polyester solid fabric. Can

you see the stitching lines?


Here is a close up of the motifs.

It was also a very exciting day for me, as my

new business cards showed up.

EPSON scanner image

My new business cards arrived today.

The background is supposed to be teal but it

looks more like a dark blue to me,  on the monitor

here.  I am mostly pleased with them but the lettering

and phone number could be a bit larger. Oh well, live

and learn.

Have a great week.

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