Quilt Show time again…

Several weeks ago, Northcott approached me  to quilt for their

upcoming show. I couldn’t refuse. Here are some of the quilts that

I worked on for them.


Printed panel

It seems that the theme this year was modern. All of the quilts

that I worked on were printed panels as well. It was interesting

because the quilts look pieced but aren’t. If you are busy and

don’t have the time to piece a top together, this might be the

route to go.

It was ironic too in that I also found a site online-Pattern Jam

in which you can actually design your own quilt top and then

have it printed and shipped to you. How cool is that?


Here is an  individual block that makes up the printed top.

I really don’t mind quilting these up but sometimes, it is hard to

stay right on the printed line. Reminds me of being in elementary

school and you had to stay on the line when learning how to

write cursive.


The border

This quilt was quite easy to quilt, in that I followed the lines

in the blocks and the outer border. I did try to mix up the

quilting so that it was a little more interesting though.


The backing is pretty cool. I love it!!

I used a So Fine polyester thread on the backing and a

monofilament on the top. When there are alot of colors,

I don’t have to change colors constantly, due to the

monofilament thread .


You can see the stitching lines on the back of the quilt.


This is a cute little wallhanging.


Again, on the top, I used a smoky monofilament thread to

go around all the flowers in the black border. In the white

center area, I used a white So Fine thread. I quilted in

swirls to add some movement and I stitched straight lines

around the blocks so make it look more modern.


In the black outer border, I quilted in straight lines but

added some curves for interest. Joni Robinson is one of

my new favorite modern quilters.


The backing is pretty cool as well.


A close up of the backing fabric.


This is another printed panel. I really like the color

gradations in this top.


I stitched around all the blocks and the squares.


In the outer border, I wanted to try some of these

circles. I marked all the circles with a template and

was crazy enough to stitch them freehand.

They are not perfect but I think they will pass.


The purple fabric on the backing. I used a monofilament

thread for the top and a purple So Fine thread for the



I really love the straight lines on the backing.


In the corners, I stitched in a bigger circle; again, another

Jodi Robinson design. I really like these circles right now too.


Hope you have a great week.

4 thoughts on “Quilt Show time again…

  1. Maggie says:

    I use panels to make a curtain for the front door, it get changed as the season’s change. That little panel has some great potential. As for the backings, they will do very well for many different types of quilts. Both of can gladly send me fabric, anyway!

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