Quilt Show Time Again- Part 2

Last week, I showed you several of the quilts I quilted for Northcott.

Here are the remaining quilts that I completed as well.


To be quite honest, I really didn’t know what to do with this panel.

I decided to leave it until last, hoping that something inspiring would

hit me.


Nothing dramatic popped into my head so I quilted squares in the



I used a white Omni polyester thread for the top and the backing.

In the houses, I stitched in some curtains and straight lines to hold

the fabric in place so it wouldn’t pop up in that area.


The house backing

The backing always shows off the texture beautifully. I love the solid

white backing.


A close up of the backing.


The Hippie Quilt

I love, love, love the colors in this quilt. It looks like fun to

me so I tried to immulate that feeling with the motifs that I chose

for the background fill.


Swirls were chosen for the background fill because they look like

fun to me.


Modern was also the theme that I wanted to include so I

stitched around the colorful squares and added the loops. The

loops almost look like flowers to me.


In the grey star area, I wanted to draw attention to them so

I used straight lines in the background area.


The Backing

I love the circles on the backing. You really can’t see the

stitching but it is fun too.

This is the last quilt that I stitched. I love this wallhanging as well.

I love the colors and the shapes.


I stitched around the large circles and outlined the  large

circles with more circles. It seems that circles were the main

attraction on this quilt top.


I added straight lines in the white background, as I didn’t

want to draw too much attention to the background. I also

changed the direction in which the straight lines were

stitched so that interest would be created.


All the circles around the stars were stitched freehand. I was

nervous when I began stitching them but thought; ” What the

heck, I’ll give it a try.”


The triangles

In the triangles, I stitched a quick arc because you can’t really

see the stitching so why put alot of detail into that area?


The borders were very easy to design. Just use the straight

lines and arches that were printed onto the fabric. Easy peasy.


The whole quilt, from the backing.

Here you can see all the yummy texture on the backing.

How can you not love this?


The border areas show off the straight line stitching.


One of the stars and all those circles around the stars.


More stars.

The straight lines are cool and I love the one triangle in the

background fill. A white Omni polyester thread was used for

the top and the backing.


Outside border area.


The whole quilt.

Here is a  postcard I received from Judy Stupak; she is

hosting a postcard exchange each month. This is the

postcard for September’s theme: “Back To School.’


I love it. It resembles a blackboard and practice writing on it

and of course, the kids in the classroom.

Have a great week.



4 thoughts on “Quilt Show Time Again- Part 2

  1. Darlene donohue says:

    Hi RUTH. These look great. I have three that I am working on and I anxious to send off to you. I will be in Houston for show. Will you be there could bring me with me.
    Darlene donohue

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