I can’t believe it!

I can’t believe that January is almost over! Where did this month

go? While I am wondering where January went, here are some

of my completed customers’ quilts.


Cathy made this quilt for her son. Wow! I hope he likes it;  if he

doesn’t, I will take it.


A flannel moose

This whole quilt is flannel. It is going to be really

warm and snuggly.

And I love the moose, how Canadian is that?


The border print is so much fun as well and fits the

theme of the quilt perfectly.


Here are what some of the other blocks look like. Because

of Canada’s 150th birthday this year, I am already

seeing lots of Canadiana quilts coming in.


The backing of the quilt, flannel, of course.  Cathy

chose “Maple Leaves” for the overall design for this

quilt. And a dark brown polyester thread was chosen for

the top and the backing.


My color choices for the BOM.

I decided to join a BOM, over at Quilt Art Designs. Janeen

is designing paper piecing patterns depicting baby animals.

One look at her site made me fall in love with her patterns and

my daughter has already told me that she wants the completed


The colors above are the fabrics I chose for the 1st block.


My new labelling system

I had a brain storm and came up with the idea of putting

all my fabrics in  ziploc bags. I numbered the bags so I

would be able to pick which color I needed quickly.

So far, it has worked like a charm and I can put

all the fabrics away, by color, pretty quickly as well.


Here you can see that the grey is in bag # 10.


When the pieces are all sewn together, I usually trim

off the excess fabric and place them in a larger bag

for all the completed pieces.


When all the pieces are completed, I can start sewing

it altogether. I love paper piecing because it reminds me

of doing puzzles, only with fabric. While I am sewing

all the pieces together, I can’t wait to see what the

finished product will look like.


Here is block # 1- a Koala Bear. He is sleeping in the branches

in a tree somewhere. I think he is really cute.


I can’t believe that I also managed to quilt one of my own

quilts!! Yeah!! There was a twinge of guilt while I was

quilting but I got over it quickly.


The idea for this wallhanging came from a picture I

found on the Internet. I know there is alot of concern

about copyright but I am not going to sell the  pattern

I made, nor the finished product, so I think I am ok.

I love the colors and the lines in this piece.


Some of the fabrics in this wallhanging were painted by

moi. It was so much fun that I think I have to do it again.


More close up of the quilting on the wallhanging. I

used a glue stick to fold down the edges of the roofs.

When I was quilting it, I didn’t like the thickness  of

the roof fabrics so I will not be using glue next time.

It did gum up my needle a little as well so that won’t

be happening again.

Have a great week and check out

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A New Year…

A new year has begun and I am wondering what your plans

are for it? Any new BOM’s?  New resolutions to maybe

finish the older BOMs hanging around? Those are my

thoughts today.

I have begun working on customers’ quilts once again,

so that is not new. Over at Quilt Art Designs, Janeen

is starting a rather cute paper piecing BOM for this

year;   entitled “Baby Animals.” You should check

it out. Next week, I may have pictures for you.


This is Anna’s quilt. I think it may have been a Mystery

Quilt that she participated in at a local quilt shop.


The pieced border looks great. What  a great way to add some

drama to the top.


The following few photos show some of the varying

blocks in the quilt top.


Some of the blocks are very interesting. Color certainly

adds another dimension to the quilt.

Anna chose a grey polyester thread for the top and the backing.


The backing

The backing always looks so different from the front.


A close up of the design that Anna chose. It is

called “Starlets” by Lisa Calle.


Anne made this bright quilt. I love all the red colors in it.

Because the colors are so vibrant, she chose a vibrant red

polyester thread for top and backing.


“Swirls” was chosen for its simple design. Why stitch in a

complex design when you won’t see it anyways?


The backing

I love the red/orange color of the backing. It blends well

with the front of the quilt too.


You can see some of the design on the back of the quilt.


This beauty is Eleanor’s quilt. I love the aqua blue and

dark chocolate color combination.


Eleanor chose “Swirls” as well, very simple yet classy.

Eleanor chose a light aqua blue polyester thread for the

top and the backing.


The swirls add some movement to the quilt without taking

away from all the piecing.


The backing consisted of a white on white tone fabric.

The blue thread shows up nicely.

One thing I really like about my job is the fact that I get to

see what others are working on. There is alot of talent out

there so don’t be afraid to show others what you can do.

Have a great week, thanks for stopping by and check out this

Canadian link;  The Needle and Thread Network.

Happy New Year

I hope that you had a great Christmas and I hope you have a Happy

New Year! It has been a while since my last post but I am back on

track now.

Here are several of the quilts I have been working on today.


Laura’s Quilt

Laura made these 2 baby quilts; she is expecting more

grandkids. What a great opportunity to make some cute

baby quilts.


I used a white and light yellow polyester thread on this quilt.

Light stitching was the order of the day so I stitched around

all the shapes, including the stars, sheep, owl and elephant.


In the outer border, stars and loops were added.


The backing

I love the backing.


The words are carried over from the front of the quilt.

Here is the second baby quilt that Laura made. She covered

all of her bases by making a baby quilt for both a girl and a boy


A really cute baby quilt.

I love the primary colors in this quilt.


I used a light blue and dark blue polyester thread for the

top and the backing.


Waves were stitched in all the pieced areas and  in the border areas

as well. I thought that it worked with the entire quilt.


Here you can see the border area and the waves in it.


The backing was a blue flannel so it will be nice and

snuggly for the baby.

In keeping with the baby theme, I also know 2 ladies

who are each having girls. Instead of a quilt, I decided

that I wanted to crochet a baby blanket for them both.


I used a size 8 crochet hook and some really thick wool.

It was quite interesting when I was looking for a size 8

crochet hook. WalMart and Michael’s were both sold out

of that size crochet hook. Everyone must be crocheting

these days.

This pink wool had 3 different types of wool in it. It really works

up fast, another reason for me to crochet it instead of

quilting it.


The variegated wool is really thick and warm, especially for

this cold winter.


2nd afghan

Here is the second baby afghan that I finished this

week. The pattern is kind of neat, in the middle of

the baby afghan.


I am linking up with the Needle and Thread Network.

Have a great week!