On My Design Wall…

I have been busy working on quilts for customers. At the same time, I am trying

to carve out some time for my own ideas and quilts. A little later in the post,

you will see what is hanging on my design wall.

In the meantime, Margaret made this beautiful wallhanging. I think

that Margaret has  great color sense. I love all the colors that she

used in this wallhanging.

Margaret wanted an all over stipple on the top of this quilt. It is great

because it adds dimension to all the straight lines. I used a light tan

polyester thread for the top and the backing.

Margaret’s wallhanging

Margaret used a colorful pillowcase that she had found last summer. It looks

great due to all the colors that it has; it co-ordinates with the front of the

wall hanging.

You have got to love the fish.

This is the second wall hanging that Margaret brought to me.

It is a sentimental piece to her.  Again, an all over stipple was

used for the quilting.  For those of you who do not know what

“stippling” looks like; the best way I can describe a “stipple” is

that it looks like puzzle pieces.

A light tan polyester thread was used for the top and the backing.

A close up of the backing.  If you look closely, it

may look like I skipped some areas. If you take a look

at the top, the missed spots are where there are numerous




I have heard that some quilters are really abusive to

their quilts. How so? In areas where there are  thick

layers, due to  numerous seams meeting in one spot,

some quilters actually take a hammer or rubber mallet

and beat the intersections into submission or flatness.

I think that it may actually work, just put a cover on the quilt

top before you hit it with the hammer.

I love these Japanese fabrics in this quilt. An all over

stipple was used for the quilting as well.

A close up shows some beautiful fabric and patterns.

Again, a light polyester tan thread was used for the top and the


A close up of the stippling design.

This baby quilt was created by Karen. She is awaiting her

first grandchild, which is due any minute.

Karen chose a light pink polyester thread for the top.

“Popcorn” was the panto chosen for the quilting design.

It is interesting that Karen used a flannel sheet that she had

used for her son, when he was growing up. A light blue

polyester thread was used for the backing.

You can really see the quilting on the back of the quilt.

A baby quilt

This baby panel is oh so cute. I managed to sneak it into my day. My son

is heading up to Northern Ontario, this summer, with our Church to help

out on a Reserve. We usually hold a fundraiser to help pay for the cost of

the trip and what better way than to make some quilts?

This is the second one, of three , that is now almost completed.

I love the flowers in this picture.

The pink backing really shows off the quilting alot.

Here is a close up of the backing, a nice pink color.

And lastly, this is what is on my design wall.

Another panel that I have cut up and am sewing back


On my design wall

This is a class that I recently took with Al Cote. Now I am recreating one

of the wallhangings that he made. And no, I am not selling this but am

giving it away to  someone whom I hope will like it. Only a few more

borders to add and it is ready to quilt.

I am linking up to The Needle and Thread Network. You should check

it out.



Classes with Al Cote

As you know, my big birthday came and went a few weeks ago. In honor

of this birthday, I had the privilege of taking 2 classes with Fibre Artist and

Art Quilter, Al Cote. He is Canadian and lives in Niagara Falls. You can check

out his website here.

Al Cote’s work

I did ask Al if I could take photos of his quilts and he did agree.. I also

asked for permission to post these on my blog. Again, he was gracious

enough to allow me to do this. So, enjoy his work, he is very talented,

creative, and funny.

The purple Wallhanging

It is remarkable how creative Al is. He has the ability to make you

believe that you can make something creative as well. He simplifies

the process and helps you takes creative risks.

Another quilt.

I was hoping  to pick Al’s brain during class. I asked lots of questions and Al

was very patient in answering all my questions. I really love the fact that

he is constantly learning and growing as an artist. What a great challenge!

I think that I would love to follow in his footsteps, in this regard.

My favorite

I am beginning to think that I can create my own art quilts but instead of

pressuring myself to create pieces, I can just “play.” This takes all the

pressure off of myself and allows me to relax and just enjoy the process.

Maybe, just maybe I will create something that evokes beauty of some kind.

The purple wallhanging

Al creates a lot of painted fabrics for his art quilts.

One of the classes that I took with Al was called “Panels, Panels, Panels.”

As you can tell by the title, you buy multiple panels, cut one up, sew it back

together and create your layout.

This is the art quilt I created with one of my panels. I really

struggled with the layout but eventually I pushed through and

realized that I was trying to add too many colors. I tried a

more simple route and I think it works. I am so glad that

I figured the layout out because it makes me feel confident

enough to try it again.

I really like the orange fabric in this picture and I love the 3 pieces

of fabric laid onto it. I have yet to quilt it so I am sure that it will

look entirely different when it is totally finished as well.

The second class was called “Curve Piecing.” You had to pick

3 of your favorite fabrics plus a few others.

I have been wanting to make a blue and white art quilt for a while.

I was originally thinking that it would look like a wave but I

really like this art quilt as well.

This is what the orange section looks like; Al was gracious

enough to help me with the color choices and the layout.

And to make my birthday even more memorable, at the

Quilt Guild last week, I won this book. Isn’t that crazy?

I was so excited to win it. It has lots of colorful quilts, it seems

like this is the route I am taking right now.

Have a good week and check out Needle and Thread Network.

Happy Birthday to me…

Well, my birthday happened last week. I must admit that I was not happy

about it because I turned the big 50. But what can I do about it? Not much

at all so I have to learn to accept it and move on.

Despite the number of my birthday, it was actually the best birthday

I have ever had.

My husband and I went to Ottawa for several days, visited the

Museum of History, the Parliament Buildings, and saw a glorious

sunset on the way home.

One of the big rooms in the Museum of History,in Gatineau, Quebec.

This is the other side of the same room above. It holds a stage

and an exhibition behind the stage.

This is the roof of the same room. I couldn’t resist the colors

and pattern. Wouldn’t it make a great quilt?

Looking out the front window, this is what you see.The

Parliament Buildings are a sight to behold.

Before we left for Ottawa,Dara brought me this quilt.

Dara’s Snowman Quilt

Dara personalized her quilt by embroidering a few relatives names on

some of the buildings.

I love the snowmen. Dara decided that she wanted swirls quilted

on the top.

The backing

The swirls really suit this quilt. It reminds me of a snowstorm.  A light

tan polyester thread was used for the top and the backing.

A close up of the stitching.

Dara also made this Canadian Quilt for Canada’s

special birthday.

In this photo, you can see the border on the bottom of the

same quilt.

DAra’s quilt

Dara chose a cream Omni polyester thread for the top and the backing

She also chose a Maple Leaf all over design for the quilting. What a great

choice, so Canadiana.

The backing.

The backing consists of Canadian flags. Great choice again, Dara.

In honor of my birthday, I decided to try something new and different so

I joined a drawing class at my local library. This is what I did in my first

class. Who knew that I can draw, even just a little.

It was so relaxing too. All you do is look at the flower, stop thinking and just draw.

Some other surprises consisted of my sisters throwing a surprise birthday party

for meand  my friend and I going to Scandivea Spa, in Collingwood. If you have never

been, you need to go.It is so relaxing!!

I also was given the chance to take 2 classes with Al Cote, he is a very talented

art quilter from Niagara Falls.  That was so much fun as well. I will post

pictures next week of my completed art quilt made from 2 printed panels.

Until then, have a great week.



An Applique Quilt..

This is Lynn’s beautiful applique quilt that I have been working on

for several weeks. Kerry Burke, over at Simple Bird Applique, is the

designer of the pattern.


Here is the completed quilt. I will show you pictures of

each block and how I came up with the design idea for each



Because the hummingbird is so fast flying, I thought that

wavy lines might depict movement of the hummingbird’s



The lines of each block has a nice curvy edge so I thought

that it would work on the inside edge of each block.  I

stitched this line in each of the blocks, so that it ties all

the blocks together.


Another gorgeous block.  I used a  clear monofilament thread

for all the SID work. I usually do all the ditch work first so I can

get to the fun part of filling in all the designs and the background



For the background fill, I used an allover with lots of

designs: feathers, swirls, and circles.


The background fill consists of feathers around the outer

edge and a small swirl. I used a light blue polyester

thread for the top and the backing.


The chick and butterflies really feel  airy to me.


These are the wavy lines encircling the butterflies.


The middle section has straight horizontal lines in

the middle of the block.


This vase also has some feathers in the background as

well.  It has some nice swirly  stitching in it as well.


The Vase Block

A close up of the stitching.


I love the apples, the barrel, leaves and robin.


Feathers were stitched around the outer edge again and

swirls were stitched in the background.


Poinsettas in a vase.


More close up pictures.


I love the sunflower  and the cat tails. Straight lines are

stitched in the inside area and pebbles. Lynn really loves

pebbles so I had to add them in somewhere.


The sunflower and cat tails block.

Don’t you just love the squirrel and the leaves?


This is one of my favorite blocks. All I could think about was seeds so

that is what I stitched into the background.


The squirrel and acorns.


This is also one of my favorite blocks, as well. I wanted it to

look like a winter’s snow storm.  Can you see the swirls?


Pinecones and Poinsetta

The middle section has straight vertical lines in the middle. Can you

tell that I love straight lines?


The backing

The backing fabric is great for hiding all the stops and starts.


Here is a close up of the background fabric.


The outside border

The outside border fill is really a mish mash of all the background fills

used in the various blocks.


When I get bored with one fill, I just start another design. And of course,

I had to add feathers to the border.


This is the inside section on the quilt;  I really love the big

pink rose and the butterfly. In the middle section, I stitched

in a butterfly, a leaf and another flower.

Have a great week!