Happy Birthday to me…

Well, my birthday happened last week. I must admit that I was not happy

about it because I turned the big 50. But what can I do about it? Not much

at all so I have to learn to accept it and move on.

Despite the number of my birthday, it was actually the best birthday

I have ever had.

My husband and I went to Ottawa for several days, visited the

Museum of History, the Parliament Buildings, and saw a glorious

sunset on the way home.

One of the big rooms in the Museum of History,in Gatineau, Quebec.

This is the other side of the same room above. It holds a stage

and an exhibition behind the stage.

This is the roof of the same room. I couldn’t resist the colors

and pattern. Wouldn’t it make a great quilt?

Looking out the front window, this is what you see.The

Parliament Buildings are a sight to behold.

Before we left for Ottawa,Dara brought me this quilt.

Dara’s Snowman Quilt

Dara personalized her quilt by embroidering a few relatives names on

some of the buildings.

I love the snowmen. Dara decided that she wanted swirls quilted

on the top.

The backing

The swirls really suit this quilt. It reminds me of a snowstorm.  A light

tan polyester thread was used for the top and the backing.

A close up of the stitching.

Dara also made this Canadian Quilt for Canada’s

special birthday.

In this photo, you can see the border on the bottom of the

same quilt.

DAra’s quilt

Dara chose a cream Omni polyester thread for the top and the backing

She also chose a Maple Leaf all over design for the quilting. What a great

choice, so Canadiana.

The backing.

The backing consists of Canadian flags. Great choice again, Dara.

In honor of my birthday, I decided to try something new and different so

I joined a drawing class at my local library. This is what I did in my first

class. Who knew that I can draw, even just a little.

It was so relaxing too. All you do is look at the flower, stop thinking and just draw.

Some other surprises consisted of my sisters throwing a surprise birthday party

for meand  my friend and I going to Scandivea Spa, in Collingwood. If you have never

been, you need to go.It is so relaxing!!

I also was given the chance to take 2 classes with Al Cote, he is a very talented

art quilter from Niagara Falls.  That was so much fun as well. I will post

pictures next week of my completed art quilt made from 2 printed panels.

Until then, have a great week.



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