Here are some of the quilts that I have finished for customers lately.

Mary’s 365 Quilt

Mary has been busy completing this 365 Quilt.  This quilt is not for the

faint of heart. Most of the blocks are 3″ square and the corners blocks are

6″ square. The Australian designer,  Kathryn Kerr, decided to complete one block a day

so it was ranked high on the commitment scale.

I had originally thought I wanted to participate but after 3 months, I ran out of

steam. I am very impressed that Mary completed hers; she always is up for a


Black Inner Border

The weight of the quilt surprised me. It actually is quite heavy. Because there are

so many seams and blocks, I think it would have been a nightmare to do all the

Stitch in the Ditch. So, Mary decided on a simple panto called “Swirls ” and I used

a monofilament thread in the top and  grey polyester thread  in the backing.

This helps to hide the thread color and all you see is the lovely piecing and blocks.

Each block is different.

One of the corner blocks, I love the flowers. Mary also picked all of her

fabrics and colors for the quilt by herself; she did a great job.

I noticed that she has an elephant here. I am beginning to think that Mary loves

elephants. She also brought me a quilt that has a fractured elephant on it. You

will have to wait until next week to see that beauty.

Here is the backing. I love the swirls and the colors, so perfect for this quilt.

Another customer of mine, also called Mary, made this quilt to commemorate

Canada’s 150th Birthday. Because Mary is of American descent, she wanted to

include symbols from both Canada and the US.

She designed and pieced this wallhanging. Mary wanted me to add some

more motifs from both countries as well.

Most of the wallhanging already had printed pictures on it so I stitched

around all of those. Then I began looking and thinking about what to

add that represented Canada and the US. I finally came up with

The Parliament Buildings in Ottawa,  an RCMP Officer in full uniform,

a Totem Pole, a Salmon, a moose, an Eagle, and Tim Horton’s.

Overall, it was so much fun. I even became brave and drew most of the

designs free hand. Here is the backing. What a great idea Mary and well done!

“Rowdy Flat Library” is the name of this quilt by Susan Smith from

Australia. Connie sent it to me in the spring and I completed it by the end of June.

Here are some close ups of the quilting but there will be a whole post on this

one particular quilt later on. Connie is still away from home and won’t be able

to see this in person for several more weeks so I don’t want to take away

all of the surprise for her.

A close up of the corner block. What a great appliquer Connie is and the

fabrics she chose are so much fun and gorgeous!! Can’t wait until you see it

in person Connie.

And finally for this post, I am still working on my “Carrots” quilt. Orange is the

color I am in right now and here is a sample of what painting with orange looks like.

I didn’t have the right shades and tones so I painted some of my own.

I can’t wait until this one is finished and gets to the quilting stage.

Have a great week. Check out The Needle and Thread Network.

2 thoughts on “Elephants…

  1. Maggie says:

    With the 365: Did Mary stabilizer the center of her quilt? As all the blocks are so dense with fabric?. I am busy with 365 and have five more months to sew August to December.
    Have not seen my finished blocks together yet, as I am worried the center is too wobbly?
    Please can you let me know if the center needs a stabilizer? Thank you.

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