Local Quilt Show-Part 3

Here are the last photos from the local Quilt Show. I hope that you

enjoy the show as much as I did.

This is a completed 365 Quilt, made by Mary. I was really

surprised by how heavy it was, that is without any stitching or

batting underneath it either. I quilted it for Mary and she

recommended using a flannel sheet for the batting. What a great

idea! It wasn’t too thick, like traditional batting but it would still

hold and show off the quilting beautifully.

Close up

Mary also chose a simple quilting design, called “Swirl” by Norma Sharp.

With all the prints in the quilt, the quilting doesn’t show up that much so

simple is better in this case.

Love the colors and the pattern of this one.

African prints

Who can resist the black and white zebra  print in this quilt?


I really like the colors and pattern of this wallhanging. I quilted one for a customer

last week so the pictures will be coming soon.

A close up of the dragonflies-beautiful!

From Deauville to Cape Cod

This one is mine. I finally finished it after 2 years. I had so much fun looking for all

the small embellishments to add to it. Alot of the embellishments were  earrings or

buttons. Funny where you can find stuff to put on a quilt.

What is one weird place or item that you have found or used on a quilt, that

wouldn’t normally be used for quilting?

Marlies’ Quilt

Marlies made this wallhanging in a class with Al Cote. I have mentioned his name

before. He lives in Niagara Falls and is a very talented quilt artist. If you ever get a

chance to take one of his classes, do it! I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Cool wallhanging.

This one reminds me of an aboriginal design.

Wow! So much piecing in this one.

Christine’s Quilt

Christine made this beauty. Maple Leaves were added to it because it is her

ode to Canada’s 150th Birthday. What a great gift this would be.

There is alot of straight lines and pebbling on this quilt, along with maple leaves.

Linda made this quilt; she is very talented when it comes to designing her own

quilt patterns.

Hand Embroidery

I love all forms of stitching and I couldn’t pass up taking a shot of this. Such

patience in making this piece. Good thing we all have different interests or the

world would be a boring place.

Love the colors!

‘Hand Embroidery?

Again, alot of time and effort went into this piece.


This looks so exquisite.  Love, love, love it! The colors, the stitching, the way it

is being displayed.

A close up of the same flower.

More Canadiana quilts;  everyone was hard at work this year making something

to remember our country’s 150th Birthday.

Mary’s Quilt

Mary made this wallhanging to honor both her American heritage and her

Canadian family.She did a great job!

You have got to love the Mounties in uniform. For all those out there who are not

Canadian, “Mounties” is a term for one branch of our Police Force.

This is the tulip that was chosen for this year’s celebration of Canada’s

Birthday; can’t recall its name though. Anyone know its name?

Love the red and white colors.

Pictorial Quilt

This quilt depicts different geographical locations all over Canada.

Sun Bonnet Sue

Even Sun Bonnet Sue participated in  Canada’s 150th Birthday;  she travelled all over Canada.

Row by Row quilt of Canada.

Maple Leaf Quilt

Our beloved Maple Leaf; alot of them around this time of the year.

Canadian Quilt

I really love the colors and Canadian items in this quilt.

Several close ups of the blocks.

This beaver looks a little skinny to me.


I couldn’t pass up showing pictures of these hooked rugs. The colors and pictures

are so gorgeous.

More hooked rugs

So many talented people in this area.

More rugs

The top hooked rug, of the Boat, is stunning. It must have been a nightmare choosing those


Mary’s Elephant

Mary’s Elephant was stunning and won the “Best Wallhanging” at the Show.

I learned so much about elephants when I quilted this piece. Funny how quilting

can lead to something totally unrelated. So much fun to still be learning.

Close up

I hope you have a good week and check out

The Needle and Thread NEtwork.

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