A New Line…

As promised, I do have pictures of the new line that Northcott is coming

out with.  I must warn you though, they are very enticing.

Green Colorway

This is a digitally printed fabric;  it is a part of the new line that was revealed this

past weekend, at Quilt Market, in Houston. And you are getting your own

private viewing. Yeah, I am going a little overboard.

A Close Up

Because 2 of the quilts were the same, except for the color, I chose to

quilt them differently.

A Close Up

For this green colorway, I interpreted the quilt as having fallen leaves on the

forest floor, so I quilted in pine needles as the background filler. I only came

up with this idea after taking a walk and racking my brain for ideas.

The leaves

This is also a digitally printed fabric that looks like marble or granite.

I am seriously thinking that I have to get my hands on some of this


Table runner

I also love this table runner;  So simple yet effective.

A Magnifico Thread was used for the top background filler. I used a

monofilament thread to do all the SID (stitch in the ditch).

Close up

Because leaves were the theme of this particular line, I  thought of rocks,

pine needles, wind, and pebbles as the background fillers.

The Backing

This is the backing of the tablerunner. Again, I love the leaves, the color gradations,

and the stitching.

More close up and texture .

This is the same quilt but only in a different colorway. This is my

favorite piece and colors .

For this quilt, I thought of the wind blowing through all the leaves so

I quilted  in swirls through the middle of the quilt.

The center of the quilt

In the outer areas of the quilt, I quilted in rocks so it resembles leaves on the


Here is a close up of the rocks I stitched in the top.

More swirls to represent the wind blowing through the leaves.

The backing. I am totally in love with this color gradation!!

A close up of the stitching on the backing. So, what do you think of this

new line?

This is what I am working or right now. The blue carrots are really

stretching me; I have to admit that I will be happy when this one is

finished. Still wondering how I will quilt this one up.

Have a great week and check out

The Needle and Thread Network.

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