Happy New Year and I am back…

Happy New Year! I have been off for several weeks but I am back now. It is good to

take a break and do nothing. Can you relate?

Here are some of the quilts that I completed before the Christmas break.

This was a Mystery Quilt that a local Quilt Shop ran last year. I was

surprised how many came through, there must have been at least 10 of these.

It was a really popular design; and there were so many different colors

used on this quilt too.

Here is the border;  the fabric is really rich looking.

This block is very interesting to me.  “Happy Times” is the

overall design used on the quilt top.  A white polyester thread was

used on the top of the quilt as well.

The backing.

The backing was dark and the owner wanted a grey polyester thread for the backing.

Lynn created this quilt for one of her daughters for Christmas;  Lynn designed the quilt top

herself . Great job!

Lynn’s Quilt

Lynn wanted flames all over the quilt top. It was a lot of fun to stitch in and very fast too.

I used a purple polyester thread for the top of the quilt and a black for the backing.

The backing fabric is interesting;  it is called “grunge.” And it actually looks like it too.


 A Baby Quilt

This is a cute baby quilt. The quilting design is called “Swirl” and it looks great with all

the straight blocks on the quilt top.

I used a light grey polyester thread for the top and the backing.

The backing

The backing fabric was a light grey color and it was flannel so it will be

warm and cuddly for the baby.

I like the swirls on the back of the quilt.

Mystery Quilt

This quilt is the same as the one above but different fabrics are used.

The outside border areas.

The overall design is more complex here and makes the quilt look more classy.

A close up of the block and border.

The thread I used was a light cream polyester thread on the front and the back.

The Backing

The backing fabric was very soft and beautiful but it wasn’t a cotton fabric at all.

A close up of the fabric used for the backing. Hope you have a great week and

exceptional New Year.

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