A Favorite Quilt…

More quilts that were completed before Christmas . Amongst these are

one of my new favorite quilts. Can you guess which one it is?

Joan created this cute owl quilt. All of the owls were fused onto the background but

all the blanket stitching around the owls were done by hand.

The hand stitching really does go fast. I love all the bright colored backgrounds

in this quilt.

Joan wasn’t sure what design she wanted stitched onto the quilt so I merely followed

the design printed onto the background fabrics. Why fight the printed design? All

that stitching wouldn’t show up anyways. In the border, I added leaves to

resemble the trees that owls sit in.

In the middle section, I did stitch in some branches, just because the fabric was lighter

in color and to add some interest to the quilting design. I used a monofilament thread to

do all the outlining of the owls and around the blocks. I love this thread for outlining, no

changing thread constantly to match colors.

The backing fabric

I love the backing fabric as it matches the colors of the quilt  on the front.

A closer look shows even more of the printed fabric on the back.

Judi’s Quilt

Judi has been really busy creating quilts. This one is really interesting in that she

made an entire quilt for the back of it as well. It is really 2 quilts in one.

The “Swirl” panto was chosen for the design and I used a white polyester thread for the top and

a light purple polyester thread for the backing.

Here is the back of the quilt. The person who is getting this quilt is one lucky person.

Judi also created this quilt for a special someone. I used a light pink/peachy

polyester thread for the top and the backing.

The border shows off the quilting nicely.


The backing

Once again, Judi made a very nice backing for the quilt.

And the solid fabric shows off the stitching very well.

This is Judi’s third quilt. What a great way to use up some 4 patch blocks that are hanging

around. I say that because I have over 100 of those 4 patch blocks that I need to use up and

create a quilt with. Any suggestions for patterns?

You can see the stitching here and the fabric that makes up the background.


The backing looks so different in these 2 pictures yet they are the same fabric.

A brown polyester  thread was used for the front and the back of this quilt.

Ruth made this huge quilt for her and her husband. They are such a  sweet couple;

is is so amazing to watch how attentive her husband is to her needs. What a great guy!

They both chose to add hearts onto the quilt top. In the middle of the big blocks,

I added 4 big hearts in a gold colored polyester thread.

In the smaller areas, I added 4 smaller hearts in a darker blue polyester thread.

In the striped border area, I stitched in straight lines, just to hold down the that area.

The backing shows off the stitching nicely.

In the darker border area, I stitched in swirls, you really can’t see it that much on the

front of the quilt but it is there.

Dale’s cousin first quilt

Isn’t this a cute quilt? Dale’s cousin made it-her very first quilt. I think she came upon it

when there was a local Shop Hop in the area.

I really struggled with what to stitch onto this quilt. An overall design would ruin all the piecing

used to create the critters. Eventually, I tried to mimic the environments that each animal

lives in. The Loon received some water and reeds to swim in.

The border area started growing leaves  to resemble the woods where all these animals live.

The Caribou or Moose was given some trees to hide in.

The mosquito just got wind, hopefully to blow him away. Thank God that

mosquitos aren’t really this big.

Reeds, rocks and some water was given to the turtle. I love his purple color. I would be

worried if I met a purple turtle on the side of the road though. Isn’t it great to be able

to switch the colors up a little, just for fun?

The backing

The back of the quilt shows off all the quilting and yummy texture that was created. I love

this part of the process too.

The moose in all his glory, on the back of the quilt.

This is my favorite quilt of 2017. I kept it for last. Do you like it?

I love the colors of the fabrics, I love the gradual gradations of the color as well.

Dale made this beauty and what a job it must have been! Just keeping all those

colors in the proper order and then to make sure you had sewn them in the correct

order. That must have been a nightmare in and of itself.

If you are wondering what blocks make up this quilt, it is rather surprising

that the 2 blocks used are a solid square and a 4 patch block. Now, maybe, I could

try this with my 100 plus blocks?

The center of the quilt is light and then all the darker colors change from

there on out.

The back of the quilt. Dale wanted a light brown polyester thread for the back

of the quilt and a light brown polyester thread for the front of the quilt.

The panto used looks very sophisticated. I feel very jealous of the person

who is getting this quilt. Well done Dale. What was your favorite quilt?

Have a great week and check out The Needle and Thread Network.


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