On My Frame Right Now….

I am working on a quilt for Darlene called Aunt Green’s Garden.


It is quite the quilt. Causing me to be challenged and stretched but it will all work

out in the end. I love how each quilt teaches me something and hopefully, makes

me become a better quilter. Here is a photo of what I have done so far. I don’t want to

spoil the fun for Darlene.


Have a great week and hopefully there will be more pictures next week.

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I almost forgot. SCACA is having an Arts and Crafts Demonstration at the

Simcoe County Museum next weekend, March 3rd, 10am till 4pm. I will be there

talking about fabric postcards.Maybe I will see you there.

A Short Post…

This is going to be a short post.  Not many pictures to show you but the

quilts each have their own story to tell.

Dara made this for a friend. I really like the pattern and the stripe

through the center of the quilt.

I used a white polyester thread for the top.

An overall design was stitched onto the top.

The green backing fabric is very pretty .

I used a light green polyester thread for the backing.

Linda made this huge quilt. It is interesting because the white section is

made up of white eyelet fabric. This is the first quilt I have seen that uses

eyelet fabric in it.

I knew that the holes in the eyelet would probably lead to some bearding in the

future so I recommended placing white fabric under the quilt top and over the

batting. Problem solved.

In the previous picture, I stitched in  circular feathers in the light blue section.

Linda likes feathers so it was an easy choice. Whenever I am deciding upon design

choices, I used the same designs but repeat them in different sections of the quilt.

For instance, I used feathers, squiggly  lines, and straight lines  on this quilt.

A circular feather  design in the light blue areas but a feathers in a straight line

in the border of the quilt. Same idea-feathers but stitched in a different way.

In the eyelet section, I followed the design of the eyelet. It does lead to an interesting pattern.

The outer borders got feathers too. Remember, you have got to keep changing up the

combinations of how you use designs. The result is a more interesting quilt-visually.

In the star in the middle of the quilt, more feathers and squiggly  lines.

The center of the quilt. I used different thread colors too. Light blue, dark

blue, and white. All of them were polyester threads as well.

Ah,the back of the quilt. It tells its own story as well and is a nice change from the

front of the quilt. Linda didn’t mind having white thread on the back of her quilt.

This is what the eyelet pattern looks like on the back of the quilt.

Feathers create such texture and such a classy feeling. No wonder

they are such a traditional design that is timeless.

The whole back of the quilt. I love the texture of it when it was all done.

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The Tale of Three Baby Quilts….

I am so happy that I have actually managed to  complete 2 paper pieced blocks

for January, 2018.

This is the last block in last year’s “Baby Animals” BOM from Janeen, over at

Quilt Art Designs. It is a paper pieced block and it takes a bit of time picking out

fabrics for the block and  then piecing it together.

Here is the Elephant block and I really like this one. I must stress how much fun

this is but it is quite challenging choosing the fabrics. This is my second BOM so I

am getting a bit quicker picking the fabrics. I still stress over the fabric choices but

when that is done, the fun begins. If you like puzzles,  you will like paper piecing;

it is quite addictive because I want to get all the pieces stitched so I can see what the

final block will look like. It also helps to be organized with all your fabrics. I have

ziploc bags labelled with numbers and put the corresponding fabrics in each bag.

So  much easier than sorting through fabrics every time you are looking for

a specific fabric. Just find the bag and start sewing.

This is Evelyn’s Christmas quilt for a lucky someone. She found the bird fabrics first

and then chose the other fabrics from there.

It is always interesting to hear how people design their quilts.

Evelyn chose a medium colored  brown polyester thread for the top and the

backing. Holly leaves are stitched all over the top.

The backing is a nice red to complement the front of the quilt.

Evelyn also made a Baby quilt for a new baby that is coming. Once

again, Evelyn  had some extra squares laying around and decided to

use the colored fabrics to create this baby quilt.

What a great colorful quilt! Swirls were quilted all over the top.  A white

polyester thread was used for the top and a light green polyester thread for

the backing.

I love the multi colored backing of this quilt.


Another baby quilt for a special baby that has probably been  born by now. It is really cute.

The fabrics in this quilt reminds me of a modern quilt.

Baby Quilt

Here is an overall view of the quilt.  A white polyester thread was used for the top

and the backing. A loose loopy design was stitched onto the top.

This design really stitches out quickly and is fairly close together so it holds the

quilt together well for all that upcoming washing.

The Backing

This post has been all about Baby Quilts. Can you guess who this quilt is for as well?

Yup, another baby.

I had a customer who made this quilt but in a different colorway. I really liked the pattern

so I made one for a young couple, at my  Church, who were having their first baby.

This particular couple really likes  black and white so it was easy  picking fabrics and

colors for the quilt.

I used a white polyester thread for the top and the backing.

I stitched straight lines and blocks all over the quilt. It really stitches

out quickly too.

I really like the stitching all over the backing too. It was fun to do.It is nice to

be able to work on something for yourself once in a while.

Laura made this T-Shirt quilt for her husband for Christmas;  she managed to save

alot of his T-shirts for the quilt.

A fusible interfacing was ironed onto the shirts so that they wouldn’t stretch or move

during the quilting  process. This extra step really does help to keep the knit t-shirts from

moving around.

Each T-shirt was then cut down to size. In each block, I stitched around the motifs or

picture. The background areas were left solid with no stitching in it. I used a smoky

monofilament thread for all this stitching and a black Bottom Line thread for the backing.

In the sashing, I used an orange polyester So Fine thread  to stitch in flames . I

looked online for flames that I liked. The flames that I did choose were copyright free

images and it helped that I modified the flames while I was quilting.

T-Shirt Quilt

Here is the whole quilt; it is really quite large and heavy due to the fabric used on the back of

the quilt.

Laura chose a linen type fabric on the back of the quilt. I used a grey polyester thread

for the back of the quilt too. You can really see the flames on the back of the quilt too.

Here is the overall backing of the quilt. Hope you enjoyed the show and have a great week.

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