Lots of babies…

It seems like there are alot of babies on the way.

Margaret’s Quilt

Margaret made this cute quilt for a new baby that will be arriving real soon.

It is so cute and adorable.

I love the belly that is sticking out. The bottle and cap adds to the attitude of

this little guy.

Baby Quilt

Margaret wanted the plaide to have some stitching in it and to quilt around

each of the babies. In the outer border, swirls were added. Blue polyester thread

was used for the top and the backing.

The backing

The backing is a nice teal blue fabric with dots on it.

Here is a close up of the backing.

Dale’s Quilt

Dale made this adorable baby quilt. The colors are really soft .

A close up of the fabrics used in the quilt. “Popcorn” was the name of the panto stitched

all over the quilt top.

More of the fabrics used in the quilt top.

BAby Quilt

This is what the whole quilt looks like.

The backing

Here is what the backing. I used a light grey polyester thread for the top and the backing.

I didn’t realize that the backing was actually composed of sheep. I had only been looking at this

quilt for a day or so until I noticed the sheep. Sometimes I wonder about myself. Have a

great Easter weekend.

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