Christmas is coming…

I’m not sure about you but Christmas is coming fast and I am kind of

panicking right about now. Not to worry though. When the big day

does finally arrive, everything is somehow done and ready to go.

Anyone out there feel the same way?

Here are some more pictures from The Houston Quilt Festival.

The Japanese quilters are so funny. They are so humble when receiving their

awards and they keep on bowing. They are so happy to be there and to win.

You can see all the detail in this quilt. Makes me wonder how someone can

actually design a quilt like this.

Japanese Quilter

Another Japanese applique quilt. The colors run in the taupe family.

The stitching is always amazing.

Bethanne Nemesh made this quilt.

She loves to draw and she designs all of the animals on her quilts and then

quilts them in. She also uses silk in her quilts as well.

Alot of texture too.

The center of the blocks, very interesting.

The name of this quilt is called”Is She Ready Yet?” All the pieces were cut by laser.

Not sure how that works but it was pretty cool to look at.

The quilter who made this quilt painted the whole  picture onto the fabric.

I would love to know who she did this.

close up

I love to see the close ups of the quilt. The stitching fascinates me.Maybe that

is why I longarm. Have a great week and don’t stress too much about what needs

to be done for Christmas Day.

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