Did You Miss Me?

It has been a while since I blogged so I thought that it was time I said hello

again. I have been wondering if you missed me?

Here are more quilts for your viewing pleasure.

Forest Quilt

This quilt was huge and also an experiment by one of my customers. It did turn out really

nice but when you are working on the bias, beware of stretching. Please take precautions to

minimize how much the fabric will stretch on you.

Forest Quilt

In order to minimize stretch, you can glue baste the block together; you can also pin like crazy

and keep measuring your block as you construct it.  This helps to keep the finished block true

to whatever size it is supposed to be.

Border area

The backing

A simple quilting design was stitched into the top. I didn’t want to cover up all that gorgeous

fabric with thread so I stitched around the trees and did a freehand in all the other open areas.

Backing fabric

Shark Quilt

Michele made this lovelty quilt with lots of sharks on it. I am really into the teal colors right now.

Funny how your  color taste keeps changing.

A close up view

An overall design was stitched onto the quilt top and it resembles waves.


Anyone remember the movie;”Jaws?” This quilt will definitely give you nightmares, just kidding.

It was fun to see how clever and creative  Michele became in order to create this  quilt for the

males in her family. I think that they will love it.

The Backing

More sharks

The backing even has more sharks on it. There were 3-5 sharks quilted onto the top as well.

9Patch Quilt

The colors in this 9 Patch are so colorful. It has been a long, dull winter so quilts like this helped

to keep me cheerful. I  call it color therapy.

Just pull out a quilt like this and all the winter blues disappear.

The backing shows off the Van Gogh Design quite nicely.

Darlene made this quilt for one of her grandkids. It looks so complicated but it consists of

squares arranged in a pleasing manner.

A simple quilting  design was all that was required and it adds movement to the top.

The backing fabric is quite lovely too.

I hope that the spring flowers are beginning to poke  their heads up  finally.

Have a good week and see you next week.



More Quilts For You To See..

Here are some  pictures of quilts that I completed in the Fall. Hope you enjoy the show.

Blue and White Quilt

Love the colors in this sampler.

I love the fabrics in this quilt.

The backing of the quilt.

Debbie made this King size quilt. Look at all that piecing! Wow!

Shibori Fabrics

I love all the textures in this quilt.

All of the pastel colors are so encouraging this time of the year.

Hexie Quilt

Love this quilt too.

Hope you enjoyed the Quilt Show. Have a great week.