Going to Paducah….

This quilt was made by Darlene. I love the red colors.

Karen Kay Buckley designed Fiesta Mexico and Renae Haddadin did the

quilting. Boy, did I ever learn alot working on this quilt.

My comfort zone was smashed to bits. Because I upgraded to a digital

self quilting machine, I wanted to try out some of the cool designs available to


Some of the quilting is  similar to Renae’s  but I wanted to put my own

spin on this quilt. Some of the motifs were fun to quilt and other ones

were causing me to pull my hair out.

All the fabric prints were alot of fun. There are so many ways that you can

quilt this quilt. The possibilities are endless;  sometimes, it is hard to pick

a design.

I used a clear monofilament thread for all the ditch work. Then, once that

is done, the fun can begin.

The yellow center block

Circles were quilted around the white circle but I added motifs in the corners.

I thought that the swirl  motifs would add some interest to the quilt top.

The white circle

In the white center area, I made half circles. It is pretty dense quilting in this area,

sometimes, you have to be careful with such dense quilting. The quilting really makes

the fabric stiff and it doesn’t lie flat. Ask me how I know this?

Outside flower

The background fabric in this block had  waves  and swirls printed all over it. Instead of fighting

the print, I thought that I would quilt waves and swirls. Once, it was quilted, the

texture was phenomenal. I really liked it alot.

Yellow Square

I stitched in straight lines in and around this block.

The border area always causes me to doubt myself. On this quilt, I stitched in flowers all over the

border but I also stitched in wheat deisgns all over the bottom of the border. On the top of the

border, I quilted in a stipple. So, two different motifs quilted in the border area, that’s a first

for me.

I wanted a different design on the vase. Straight lines and circles were added, it works with

different areas of the quilt.

In the background area, cross hatching was added as well as a tight stipple.

I added several flowers in the area to mix it up a bit. The cross hatching is always a  pain to

quilt but it looks fantastic once it is done.


This big block turned out  nicely.

Ahh, the back of the quilt; it tells its own story.

There is alot of different thread colors because I matched threads to

the top and the backing. It helps to cut down on tension issues whe using

two different thread colors.

The backing

The quilting really stands out but you have to clean up the backing when you are finished

and hope and pray that all your stops and starts are well done.

The big center block. Lovely texture.

The vase from the back side.

I am pleased to tell you that this quilt has been accepted into the Paducah

Quilt  Show, 2020. Darlene is so excited and so am I.Good luck Darlene!

Have a great week!


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