CoVid 19

I hope that everyone is staying safe and staying inside as much as possible.

Covid 19 is certainly creating quite a stir but it is a good time to get some

sewing and quilting done.

Here are some pictures from a long time ago. I can’t even remember

when I quilted these. Enjoy.

Barb’s Quilt

Barb bought alot of mens shirts from a second hand store. She decided to make a quilt

using the shirts. The blocks are different sizes and colors.Straight lines were stitched

in an “X” to hold the top together. Because there are so many lines and blocks, the

simple straight lines were a good choice.

Square Quilt

I love all of the straight lines in the blocks. I used a light cream polyester thread

for the top and the backing.

Wedding Quilt

This quilt was made for a special couple who were getting married.

The whole quilt

I love the blocks on the outside of the pictures. A panto was used to add some

texture in this border area. A light cream thread was used for the top and the backing.

The Backing

I am assuming that the groom to be must love hunting.

See you next week and stay safe.

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