A Ribbon Quilt…

As promised, here is the ribbon quilt I was talking about last week.

My daughter made this quilt with most of her Fair ribbons.

FAir Ribbons

I didn’t think that the ribbons would be a problem stitching through and they

weren’t. It was my first ribbon quilt. There are not many of these around.

Julie’s Quilt

Julie made this cute sheep quilt. I really love all the colors and fabrics. How can you

not love a cute quilt like this?  It made me smile the whole time I was working on it.

“Popcorn” was the name of the design stitched all over the quilt. It kind of looks like

wool so that’s why it was chosen. We even went further and used a bright lime

green  polyester thread for the top and the backing.

Colorful Quilt

Here’s a colorful quilt I worked on recently.”Soho” is the name of the overall

stitching design on the quilt.

A close up for you. Love all the bright colors in this quilt.

Roopa made this quilt for her son. I’m not sure who designed the tiger

but it looks like something Violet Craft would make. She  designs alot of

fractured geometric patterns and this one fits  perfectly into this category.

I did manage to finish it yesterday so I will have to post some

pictures of the finished quilt, in all of its glorious texture.

Due to all that’s going on right now, I am trying to sketch daily.

Here is what I drew last week.

Can you guess all the items in the photo?

I have even started challenging  my kids to draw with me. It helps to take our minds off what’s

going on  and helps us to be able to do something together. My son isn’t  living at

home right now so it works out even better.

I read an article last week, that mentioned how Winston Churchill took up

painting, at the age of 40, while the second World War was going on. It

actually helped him to de-stress and get through the war.

What are you and your kids doing to stay busy and entertained? Maybe

try something you have done before? You may be pleasantly surprised.

Have a good week and stay safe.




One thought on “A Ribbon Quilt…

  1. Connie Goman says:

    I’m so impressed with the ribbon quilt. Creativity runs in your family, Ruth. And, not to mention, that’s alot of ribbons. I think I see a trend happening. Can you do anyth with soccer trophies!

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