FIGO’S New Line…

Northcott’s new modern division, Figo, has just released another new line.

I had the privilege of quilting some of their  quilt for this new line.

Just a side note, I do not receive any compensation for posting this on my blog;

I thought that you might enjoy seeing the new fabrics and some of the new


I’m unsure of who designed the quilt pattern and   fabrics. I do try to keep track

of all of this pertinent information for you but not this time. I will work on this

for future reference.

The backing fabric. Karlee Porter designed the orange peel motif that was

stitched all over the quilt top. A clear monofilament thread was used for the

top of the quilt and matching polyester thread for the backing.

Whenever I use a Karlee Porter motif, the motif needs to be redesigned

in my digital program, Creative Studio 7, from Gammill, so that the motifs

are quilted tightly together.

A Modern Wave

This quilt has a design stitched onto it that is called “Modern Wave” by

Anita Shackelford. She digitally designs alot of quilting patterns; this one is

amongst one of my favorites. It’s so cool to watch it being stitched out and to

even look at it later, as it looks like there are actual moving waves on a stationary


Nova Star Quilt

Then Came June created this Nova Star Quilt. Alot of piecing involved but beuatiful when


Cactus backing fabric

The backing fabric is covered in cactus.Glad the fabric is soft and not prickly.

Circles were quilted all over these hexagons. I love all the stitching: it creates

so much texture. And I love texture!!


The backing fabric has cats all over it. For all those cat lovers out there, you will

love this new line.

Tessa Quilt

The color orange is really beginning to grow on me. This quilt is very cheery and makes

me happy just looking at it. Don’t we all need a shot of happiness right now?

Kitchen Table Quilting designed this quilt.

The backing fabric is cheerful as well.

Modern Squares

“Solistice Lights” by Cotton + Joy is the name of this quilt. Monofilament thread was used on the

front and matching thread again, on the backing.

I could go for an ice cream cone right now. r

The backing fabric looks like alot of fun. Take a closer peek and you will

see people swimming in the water.


This quilt was designed by Pen +Paper Patterns.  The title of the quilt is “Fresh As A Daisy.

Christina wanted straight line quilting, which I love, and the end result is texture.

The backing

The Mary Quilt was designed by Kitchen Table Quilting. She has designed alot of quilts.

The backing fabric is full of flowers too. A grid was stitched all over the quilt top.

I actually designed it myself. I am getting a little braver these  days and trying out some

new ideas. It’s not as scary as I thought it was. Maybe it’s time for you to try some

new things too.

Hope you have a good week.




It’s Hot…..

I’m not sure about you but it’s hot here!

Funny, it was cold a month ago and now it’s hot. Seems like I can never be


Even though the weather isn’t co-operating , these quilts are providing me

some relief from the heat.

Lesley made this beauty.

I love the colors of this Canadiana Quilt. Maple Leaves were stitched all

over it in a light teal color.

The Backing

Polyester thread, matching the teal color, was used for the front and the backing.

The colors are very rich looking on this quilt. Gorgeous fabrics were used too.

The bright backing fabric matches the colors of the quilt top.

Lesley also made this quilt. A light gold thread was used for the quilting.

Caroline’s Quilt

Carline made this strip quilt. It is so soft and pretty. Because there were so many floral

patterns in the fabrics used for the quilt, I thought it  was a good idea to quilt in flowers.

The name of the overall stitching pattern is “Summer Breeze.” It is quite pretty too.

Lesley’s Circle Quilt

It seems like there is a circular theme happening in this post.  I really love all the lines and the

subtle circle in the middle of the quilt.

Again,  the backing shows off the circles. I really like this quilting design. There are so

many out there, that it is hard to pick one sometimes.

Caroline’s Quilt

Caroline also made this quilt. I don’t see many orange quilts and this quilt

has a very unique color combination. I like it though.

Summer Breeze was also used on this quilt too.

The backing is a solid color so it shows off the stitching really well.

Caroline’s penguins. I love the penguins but they  stumped me for a while.

What do I quilt on penguins to compliment them? Of course, water came to mind and then,

Anita Shackleford’s “Modern Curves” popped in my mind. I love how the stitching

looks like there are waves on the quilt. Now the penguins are happy that they

can play in the water.

A green baby penguin. You are seeing lots of colorful animals today.

The backing almost looks like waves as well. I used a clear monofilament

thread on the top of the quilt and a dark thread on the backing.

Elizabeth Hartman’s Desert Quilt

This is the quilt that I am working on right now. Elizabeth Hartman is the designer. She

creates alot of animal quilting patterns.

6 adorable little bunnies.  I love their white cotton ball tail.

Have you ever seen a blue bunny before? Well, now you have.

What about a green raccoon?

Almost done, only 2 more animals to go. I like these quilts because

there are only 6-9 blocks that need to be made of each animal.

By the time I get bored with making this number of blocks, I

am moving onto the next block.

What are you working on right now? Or taking a break to enjoy the

hot weather?

Have a good week. See you next week.



Making Masks…

I have been making masks for several weeks now.

Kids’ fabrics always look like so much fun so I had to make some

masks, just to try them out. Of course, I did find homes for them, so it

was not a futile exercise. I found the free pattern on

I ran out of elastic so I made my own strips for the masks. They took a

little bit of time to create but they match the mask. Fashion is not

out of style, even when wearing a mask.

There are several types I have made but I like this style the best. So easy to cut

out and sew together.

Angie’s Quilt

This quilt was made by Angie and I love all the hearts covering it. It amazes me

how much the stitching brings a quilt to life. Of course, the texture is what

draws me in.

I also used a light pink polyester thread for the quilt top and the backing.

The Backing

I love a solid backing because you can see all the quilting and the texture

it creates. Backings, like the quilt top, is a very personal choice though. Pick

what you like.

Pat’s Quilt

I really love this feather quilt. Straight lines really call to me right now.

Pat made this quilt and she did a great job. The colors are really

interesting too, although the sunlight doesn’t do the quilt justice.

Straight lines were quilted all over the top.  A man is receiving this quilt,so

straight lines work well.

The backing

You can see all the texture and straight lines on the backing of the quilt.

Have a safe week and enjoy the sunshine.