Happy Belated Canada Day!

Happy belated Canada Day!

I am only a week late but better late than never. Hope you enjoyed the day last


This quilt was also late or behind in being quilted. Large quilts usually take

a whole week, if not longer to quilt.There is alot of thought that goes into

the design process and many decisions to make along the way. All part of the

fun though.

Dale made this beautiful quilt. I apologize for the bright photos.

I outlined the center Lone Star because I wanted to make this part of the

quilt, the focal point. I  also outlined the white blocks surrounding the

Lone Star, just to eat up some space and continue with the line theme.

In the floral blocks, I did a freehand feather background fill. Whew! That’s

a mouthful to say and type. Feathers were chosen because Dale likes

feathers and it goes with the traditional feel of the quilt.

In this triangular white area, I picked feathers as well. I like the classy

look of them.

I know, it’s bright. I did try to tone down the brightness but didn’t succeed at all.

For the pieced blocks, I outlined them because I think they look  better with

stitch in the ditch quilting but it is time consuming. This is a personal preference

as well.


The inside border received some lovely swirly lines. I did not keep track

of the designs but I will next time. If you want to know, just email me and

I can look it up in my records. I know that I did purchase these designs

several months ago when Dale dropped off her quilt. I had decided

to try out some new digital designs to go with the feather theme.

I think it worked out well.

The back of the quilt. I like to use the same colored thread for the top and

the backing. Some people don’t like the look of this but it makes tension

issues less of a problem for me.

This is the center of the Lone Star. Even though there are alot of feathers

stitched on this quilt, they are all different in shape and size, which creates

alot of interest on the quilt top.

The outer parts of the Lone Star. I tried to add alot of texture and I

accomplished this by using contrasting motifs beside one another.

Straight lines are a favorite of mine right now so I threw them in that area.

I use alot of monofilament thread to do all of my outlining of the piecing

blocks and the borders. Various thread colors are then used to fill in the remaining

areas of the quilt.


Desert Animals Quilt

Once again, I am still working on this quilt by Elizabeth Hartman. I only have

9 more blocks to complete -yeah!! I really like these quilts but there is alot

of prepping time to be done first. That seems to be the case with anything

that we do, prep takes the longest time.

Enjoy the heat and stay safe.




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