Quilts That I Have Been Working On….

Here are some photos of quilts that I have been working on lately.

This is another quilt in Northcott’s new line. I love the colors in this printed

panel. I tried to create as much texture as possible. Can you believe that this

panel is printed? These panels are becoming more detailed all the time.

I love the bright colors in this quilt and all those straight lines.

More vivid colors in this quilt. I love the color combination and the stars

and loops that are stitched, help to create lots of movement and texture.

The angled squares that are quilted onto this quilt really stand out.

This is one of my favorite quilting designs.

Daisies were quilted all over this sweet baby quilt.

Another sweet baby quilt that has clouds stitched all over in, in accordance

with the theme of the quilt.

I love the fabrics in this quilt. The fabrics were purchased while the

creator was vacationing in Newfoundland. I grew up there and its a fun

place to visit. You should try it out sometime when this Covid thing is done.

A colorful Pinwheel quilt. I love the grunge fabric on the back of the quilt.

Again, great colors in this quilt. I love the camping fabrics used in this

quilt. Isn’t the fabric one of the factors that we love quilting? And the

fabrics seem to get more beautiful each year.

Hope you enjoyed the quilt show. Stay safe and quilt on.

It’s Cold…

The temperature is getting colder where I am .

This is a really cute doggy quilt. Swirls were quilted all over the quilt

with a cream polyester thread.

Northcott came out with a new line. I really love the blue colors in this

panel. There is ALOT of stitching on this quilt.I used alot of clear

monofilament thead on this quilt. There is alot of pebbles and stones as


If you look closely at the elephant, you will see alot of texture. I was trying

to make the skin of the elephant look like it was cracked and wrinkly.

I really like the pinwheels on this quilt. Baptist fans were quilted all over

the quilt top. Cream thread was used for the quilting.

This orange and blue quilt was hand pieced. Bonnie did a great job with the

piecing. A Celtic Braid was stitched all over the quilt top.

This pieced quilt is really great for a man who loves hunting. IF I remember

correctly, maple leafs were stitched all over the quilt.

I hope you have enjoyed the quilt show. Keep warm and safe. Have a good


Getting Closer To Christmas

I hope that you are wrapping your head around the fact that Christmas is

quickly approaching. I usually begin to freak out about now but with

Covid happening this year, I am trying to get everything done a bit

earlier. What about you? Getting things done earlier or freaking out a

little? Not to worry though, when the big Day is here, everything has

magically been done.

The photo on the right is pretty dark so I apologize for it. As you can see, it

is a black background. I thought that the block in this quilt is pretty simple

but interesting and effective. Swirls were stitched all over it so that some

movement could be added to it.

This quilt is made of fleece, on the front and on the back side, I stitched

around the straight lines and the motifs and then sewed the two sides

together. As you can see, the recipient is a fan of Harry Potter.

What do you think these 2 quilts have in common? If you said, “nothing,”

then you are correct. I placed them together for no reason at all.

The quilt on the left was made for a special new baby, created by Kathy.

I love the colors in it. A simple wavy pattern was stitched all over it.

The elephants of the left are quilted quite heavily. They are a new line

that is coming out for Northcott soon.

Northcott is a Canadian Cotton FAbric company that carries beautiful

silky cotton for quilting, as well as a new modern department called

Figo. They also sell fabrics that are not cotton. You should check them

out. And no, I get no compensation for mentioning them on my blog.

Well, enough eye candy for now.

Have a good week, keep safe, and see you here next week.