It’s Cold…

The temperature is getting colder where I am .

This is a really cute doggy quilt. Swirls were quilted all over the quilt

with a cream polyester thread.

Northcott came out with a new line. I really love the blue colors in this

panel. There is ALOT of stitching on this quilt.I used alot of clear

monofilament thead on this quilt. There is alot of pebbles and stones as


If you look closely at the elephant, you will see alot of texture. I was trying

to make the skin of the elephant look like it was cracked and wrinkly.

I really like the pinwheels on this quilt. Baptist fans were quilted all over

the quilt top. Cream thread was used for the quilting.

This orange and blue quilt was hand pieced. Bonnie did a great job with the

piecing. A Celtic Braid was stitched all over the quilt top.

This pieced quilt is really great for a man who loves hunting. IF I remember

correctly, maple leafs were stitched all over the quilt.

I hope you have enjoyed the quilt show. Keep warm and safe. Have a good


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