Quilts That I Have Been Working On….

Here are some photos of quilts that I have been working on lately.

This is another quilt in Northcott’s new line. I love the colors in this printed

panel. I tried to create as much texture as possible. Can you believe that this

panel is printed? These panels are becoming more detailed all the time.

I love the bright colors in this quilt and all those straight lines.

More vivid colors in this quilt. I love the color combination and the stars

and loops that are stitched, help to create lots of movement and texture.

The angled squares that are quilted onto this quilt really stand out.

This is one of my favorite quilting designs.

Daisies were quilted all over this sweet baby quilt.

Another sweet baby quilt that has clouds stitched all over in, in accordance

with the theme of the quilt.

I love the fabrics in this quilt. The fabrics were purchased while the

creator was vacationing in Newfoundland. I grew up there and its a fun

place to visit. You should try it out sometime when this Covid thing is done.

A colorful Pinwheel quilt. I love the grunge fabric on the back of the quilt.

Again, great colors in this quilt. I love the camping fabrics used in this

quilt. Isn’t the fabric one of the factors that we love quilting? And the

fabrics seem to get more beautiful each year.

Hope you enjoyed the quilt show. Stay safe and quilt on.

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