More Quilt Photos…

Here are more photos of quilts that I completed in the fall.

This is Anita’s quilt. Isn’t it beautiful? I love the colors and the fabrics. And I love the feather wreath in the

small squares. Anita wanted feathers on her quilt. That proved to be a little challenging in that all the blocks

are the same size on the outer side of the blocks but in the middle of the blocks, they are all different

sizes. I did manage to quilt in feathers outside of each block. They do look similar but are different sizes.

It works though.

Here are more of the quilts that Northcott recently released. I love the trees and the leaves in each of these


More of Northcotts’ new fabric line. This quilt is made of wool and is really nice to quilt. You have to be

careful that it doesn’t stretch on you while you have it on the frame though. The quilting really stands out

too but try not to make a mistake because having to take stitches out does leave a bit of a memory in the


Joan makes all these scrappy quilts that she donates to various charities. She is such a generous person and

fast quilter. Did I mention that she is also in her 70’s or 80’s? Wow! Hoping that I am that creative when I

reach that stage in my life.

Hope you enjoyed the quilt show. Only 23 days till Christmas. Please don’t hate me for reminding you

of this.

Have a good week.

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