Happy Belated New Year!!

I know that this is late but “Happy Belated New Year!”

Over the holidays, we were having technical difficulties with

our internet. It’s all good now though.

Here are a few quilt photos of Northcott’s Fall fabric line, 2020.

I really liked all the straight line quilting. The colors are pretty vibrant as well.

Cathy created this really cute baby quilt. Daisies were quilted all over it in a white polyester thread.

Sharon created this beauty for her brother and sister in law. They were celebrating their 27th wedding

anniversary.What a gift to receive! The special couple really like Celtic designs so that was the theme

that I went with. Celtic motifs were stitched in all over the quilt. This is a picture of what a quilt looks

like when it comes to me. It is a blank canvas and I have to decide what to do with all that open space.

I do have a picture of the completed quilt but I do have to find it. You will have to wait for next week.

Hope you have a good week and stay safe.

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