What do these 3 things have in common?

What does cheesecloth, a piano, and a BOM all have in common?

Due to Covid and all that surrounds it, I thought I would challenge myself

with learning some new skills. I will explain a little more in the post.

Anne made this for her daughter for Christmas. She loves it and is deciding where to hang it in her house.

It is beautiful!!Lots of stitching in the background areas.

This is the BOM I am working on for this year from the Quilt Show. I like houses for some reason and the

circular design appeals to me. On the right side, is the picture of the houses that I have completed thus far.

The paper piecing method used is very helpful, in that you don’t have to sew through the paper foundation.

No ripping out paper after it is sewn, yahoo!!

Lastly, I am taking an online class with Mary Pal. She specializes in cheesecloth

landscapes and portraits. I wanted to learn how she does this and now I know.

She uses glue to sculpt layers of cheesecloth. She is also a Canadian

artist so I had to take her class. I think the platform she uses is called “Craft Course.”

She has alot of videos and explains her technique really well.

I hope that you are staying safe and hoping that you are learning some new skills

to get through this hard time.

See you next week.

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