Cold & Brighter Days…

I love this time of the year, even though it’s cold outside.

Spring is just around the corner and that thought cheers

me up immensely.

These 2 quilts,made by Brenda,were cheering me up

last week. Let’s see if they cheer you up too.

These batik dragonflies were fun to work on. The background fill is a tight, small meander.

I added in some lines in the cattails and in the outer border. All the stitch in the ditch work

was accomplishedby using a clear monofilament thread. It matches the color of the background

fabrics so I don’t have to keep switching out thread colors. It saves alot of time.

Brenda made this beauty too. I love applique quilts. They always stitch out beautifully.

This one is no exception. You can see all the texture on the back of the quilt. I love that


I think that my most favorite part of this quilt is the outer border. I love all the movement in

this part of the quilt. And who can resist feathers? I’m not sure if you realize how small these

feathers really are.

The pattern was created by Kerry Burke of Simple Bird Studio.

Hoping that you are enjoying all the sunshine, even hough it’s cold outside.

I have some news to share too. I am planning on switching over to Instagram totally.

I won’t be doing this until September, 2021 but I am giving the heads up starting

this month. It’s time to try something new. Hope to see you over there.

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