A Few More Quilts…

It seems like everyone is taking this opportunity to stay home and

quilt, which is great for me. Here are a few more quilts that I have

had the opportunity to complete for some very creative quilters.

Evelyn made this quilts for a special young man and for her husband. Her husband loves the

color purple and trains so she combined them both. Railroad tracks, trains, and a train crossing

sign were all stitched into the quilt. Can you see them all? The yellow backing quilt that has

wrenches on the front, is for a special young man. A grid was quilted all over the quilt top in

a light blue thread.

These two quilts were made, by me, for a special little boy. He loves cars and the color

blue so I combined his two loves into one. Cars were stitched all over both quilts but in

a different pattern.

Laura loves Halloween, as you can see by this quilt. I must say that the color orange is growing

on me as well. I outlined the cats and the dark border. The backing of the quilt also looks really

nice, I love the texture on the backs of quilts.

Hope you are staying safe and sane.

See you next week.

2 thoughts on “A Few More Quilts…

  1. laura bruno lilly says:

    My name is Laura, my birthday is in October, I love the color orange, and cats and pumpkins – that last quilt speaks to me!
    It looks like you’re making the most of these times in the best way possible…keep it up.
    Stay safe. Stay sane.

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