What have you been up to?

Here are a few things that I have been working on lately.

I finished my block for The Quilt Show BOM. This is my Mariner’s Compass for the center

of the quilt. Recently, I bought a new book and am looking forward to trying out some new

ideas with the help of my printer. Also, using some painted papers that I have, I have created

some scenes of the woods around my house. So much fun and so little time to try everything


What are you working on this week?

This is the cutest baby quilt! I love all the animals. I quilted the leaves/forest pretty heavily

and left the animals faces and ears alone. They are so cute and don’t really need much stitching

at all. The backing shows all the lovely texture.

Anne made this baby quilt. It has prairie points on the edges and I had to figure out a way

to keep the corners clean and not have any backing fabric showing through. I stitched

all way round the four sides first and then tucked in the corners. Start and loops are

stitched all over the top. Quite cute as well.

My daughter made her second quilt. She loves chickens and farms so thus the reason for all the

animals on the back of this quilt.

Ina made this beautiful quilt. I stitched in the ditch all over the quilt. It didn’t need anything


Hope you enjoy the rest of your week.

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