Spring is coming…

I’m not sure about you but I am so excited that

spring is less than three weeks away.

These next two wallhangings also helped to put me in the

springtime mood.

Arlene made this beautiful wallhanging. Kathy McNeil is the designer of this wallhanging.

I did alot of stitching in the ditch around all of the applique pieces on this quilt.

In the background areas, I stitched in straight lines because Arlene did not

want alot of stitching in the background. I must admit, I was stumped about

what to put in the background areas but I am glad I went with straight lines.

It makes the wallhanging look a bit more modern but I really like the look of


I really like the little birds in the bottom of the quilt. I added in some more

trees and curvy lines. The backing of the quilt shows off all the lovely

texture of the quilting as well.

Sheila made this fun wallhanging. It basically tells the story of her life. I had so much

fun stitching this. I had to keep myself in check so that I didn’t keep stitching in

details. I really love the beehive and the bumble bees. I love the water wheel

and all the rocks. Hope you have fun checking out all the details on this


Hope you have a good week and that you are looking forward to

spring as much as I am.

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