Getting closer….

Spring is getting closer, only 13 more days to go.

I hope that you are enjoying the sunshine.

Anita made this hand pieced quilt. Can you see how small her stitches are? Wow!

I was impressed! A floral design was stitched all over the quilt top.

This blue and white quilt is lovely. Swirls were quilted all over it.

The pink quilt is a for a very special little girl so hearts were stitched all over it.

A large swirly sun was stitched on the second quilt.Hope that you are getting lots of

stitching done as well.

I even started spring cleaning today. Yes, I have an illness. I just want

to get it done and over with.

Don’t forget to check out my Instagram site, this blog will be

ending in September, 2021. Time for a change, so you can

catch me on Instgram.

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