More Quilt Photos…

Here are more photos of quilts that I completed in the fall.

This is Anita’s quilt. Isn’t it beautiful? I love the colors and the fabrics. And I love the feather wreath in the

small squares. Anita wanted feathers on her quilt. That proved to be a little challenging in that all the blocks

are the same size on the outer side of the blocks but in the middle of the blocks, they are all different

sizes. I did manage to quilt in feathers outside of each block. They do look similar but are different sizes.

It works though.

Here are more of the quilts that Northcott recently released. I love the trees and the leaves in each of these


More of Northcotts’ new fabric line. This quilt is made of wool and is really nice to quilt. You have to be

careful that it doesn’t stretch on you while you have it on the frame though. The quilting really stands out

too but try not to make a mistake because having to take stitches out does leave a bit of a memory in the


Joan makes all these scrappy quilts that she donates to various charities. She is such a generous person and

fast quilter. Did I mention that she is also in her 70’s or 80’s? Wow! Hoping that I am that creative when I

reach that stage in my life.

Hope you enjoyed the quilt show. Only 23 days till Christmas. Please don’t hate me for reminding you

of this.

Have a good week.

Quilts That I Have Been Working On….

Here are some photos of quilts that I have been working on lately.

This is another quilt in Northcott’s new line. I love the colors in this printed

panel. I tried to create as much texture as possible. Can you believe that this

panel is printed? These panels are becoming more detailed all the time.

I love the bright colors in this quilt and all those straight lines.

More vivid colors in this quilt. I love the color combination and the stars

and loops that are stitched, help to create lots of movement and texture.

The angled squares that are quilted onto this quilt really stand out.

This is one of my favorite quilting designs.

Daisies were quilted all over this sweet baby quilt.

Another sweet baby quilt that has clouds stitched all over in, in accordance

with the theme of the quilt.

I love the fabrics in this quilt. The fabrics were purchased while the

creator was vacationing in Newfoundland. I grew up there and its a fun

place to visit. You should try it out sometime when this Covid thing is done.

A colorful Pinwheel quilt. I love the grunge fabric on the back of the quilt.

Again, great colors in this quilt. I love the camping fabrics used in this

quilt. Isn’t the fabric one of the factors that we love quilting? And the

fabrics seem to get more beautiful each year.

Hope you enjoyed the quilt show. Stay safe and quilt on.

It’s Cold…

The temperature is getting colder where I am .

This is a really cute doggy quilt. Swirls were quilted all over the quilt

with a cream polyester thread.

Northcott came out with a new line. I really love the blue colors in this

panel. There is ALOT of stitching on this quilt.I used alot of clear

monofilament thead on this quilt. There is alot of pebbles and stones as


If you look closely at the elephant, you will see alot of texture. I was trying

to make the skin of the elephant look like it was cracked and wrinkly.

I really like the pinwheels on this quilt. Baptist fans were quilted all over

the quilt top. Cream thread was used for the quilting.

This orange and blue quilt was hand pieced. Bonnie did a great job with the

piecing. A Celtic Braid was stitched all over the quilt top.

This pieced quilt is really great for a man who loves hunting. IF I remember

correctly, maple leafs were stitched all over the quilt.

I hope you have enjoyed the quilt show. Keep warm and safe. Have a good


Getting Closer To Christmas

I hope that you are wrapping your head around the fact that Christmas is

quickly approaching. I usually begin to freak out about now but with

Covid happening this year, I am trying to get everything done a bit

earlier. What about you? Getting things done earlier or freaking out a

little? Not to worry though, when the big Day is here, everything has

magically been done.

The photo on the right is pretty dark so I apologize for it. As you can see, it

is a black background. I thought that the block in this quilt is pretty simple

but interesting and effective. Swirls were stitched all over it so that some

movement could be added to it.

This quilt is made of fleece, on the front and on the back side, I stitched

around the straight lines and the motifs and then sewed the two sides

together. As you can see, the recipient is a fan of Harry Potter.

What do you think these 2 quilts have in common? If you said, “nothing,”

then you are correct. I placed them together for no reason at all.

The quilt on the left was made for a special new baby, created by Kathy.

I love the colors in it. A simple wavy pattern was stitched all over it.

The elephants of the left are quilted quite heavily. They are a new line

that is coming out for Northcott soon.

Northcott is a Canadian Cotton FAbric company that carries beautiful

silky cotton for quilting, as well as a new modern department called

Figo. They also sell fabrics that are not cotton. You should check them

out. And no, I get no compensation for mentioning them on my blog.

Well, enough eye candy for now.

Have a good week, keep safe, and see you here next week.

Fall Is Upon Us…

The leaves have certainly hit their peak, here in Central Ontario.

I am surprised that there are still alot of leaves left on the trees and

I do not see alot of the vibrant red color this year. The main color

seems to be the orangey yellow color. What about in your area?

What is the dominant color this year? It makes me wonder what

factors contribute to the colors of the trees each year?

Well, I had better get on with this quilting blog.

This lovely quilt was stitched with an overall design called “Maple Syrup.”

A white Omni polyester thread was used for the front and the back.

Look at how vibrant the colors are in this quilt. Feathers were stitched all

over the quilt top. A cream Omni polyester thread was used as well.

Barb”s Celtic Quilt is really beautiful.

Barb wanted to keep the quilting fairly simple so as to not distract from all

of her lovely work.

So I added alot of straight lines in the sashing area and a cable in the outer

border. Because the theme of this quilt was “Celtic,” I thought that the

quilting should follow that theme as well. That means that feathers would

not compliment this quilt, in my mind. However, with that being said, if you

like or want feathers on your quilt, go ahead. It all depends on your own

personal perference.

Pebbles were quilted in the main colored areas of the blocks and swirls

were quilted in the white background areas. Background fills always

stump me. In the end, I usually come up with something.

Now, doesn’t that sound reassuring to you out there. One thing

that I have noticed in the 14 years that I have been longarm quilting, is that

each custom quilt takes time to assess and create its own unique design.

I really never considered design to be a part of quilting before I began

doing this, but it is. It’s fun and challenging some days. Other days, it

becomes easier, much like any other practice. One gets better at it with

lots of practice.

Have a good week and stay safe.


I know that Thanksgiving is over and there is still some turkey leftovers but

I had to wish everyone a Canadian Thanksgiving.

Linda made these quilts using eyelet fabric. They make quite interesting

quilting texture. Because the eyelet fabric has holes in it, a piece of cotton is

added on top of the batting but underneath the quilt top. I used a white

polyester thread for the top and a light blue for the backing.

How do you like the gallery of photos? I am trying out my new layout for

the WordPress blog. I think that I may like this after all.

This is another quilt made by Linda, made out of eyelet fabric. I like the

texture that is created when you stitch over the eyelet fabric.

How do you like those soccer balls? I just realized that this quilt has initials

on it. Isn’t that funny? I didn’t notice that while I was working on it.

For all those Canadians out there, I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving.

We have alot to be thankful for . Enjoy the nice weather and have a good


I’m Still Here….

It has been a crazy three months for me. Lots of people are

quilting due to Covid and Northcott seems to be busy

creating online releases.

Nathalie made this quilt for her daughter. She wanted zig zag lines to

co-ordinate with her bedroom decor.

Im hoping that her daughter liked her quilt. I used a white Omni polyester

thread for the top and the backing.

I can’t recall who made this quilt but it certainly does eat up the scraps you

have hanging around.A swirly design was quilted all over the top.

Joan makes alot of scrappy quilts for charity. She is a very generous person.

The backing fabric is really cute and pink, with hearts as well.

Here is another quilt that Joan made. I love the simplicity of it and all the colors too.

I quilted “Happy Times” all over this quilt. It stitches out fast and looks great.

I hope that you are keeping safe.

WordPress has released a new platform for writing my blog. It is a bit

challenging but I am hoping to get used to it.

What are you learning during Covid?

See you next week.

More Quilts….

Here are some photos of quilts that I have completed recently.

I hope that you  enjoy them.

Lesley made this quilt. Maple leaves were quilted all over the quilt top.

I used a light blue polyester thread for the top and the backing.

Maple Leaf Motif

There is a crimson flange on the edge of the yellow border. These have to be basted

down because the hopping foot catches them so watch out for the flanges. It is

painful to have to pick out the stitches and restitch them once again.

The backing fabric shows off the maple leaves beautifully.

Tilly’s Quilt

Tilly made this African Safari Quilt. She wanted wavy lines quilted all over

the top. These wavy lines were to mimic the grasses on the quilt top.

I used a gold polyester thread to match the color of the fabric on the quilt top.

She liked the quilting but remarked how the quilting changes the look of the quilt.

I think that the quilting brings the quilt to life, the same as the outlining stitch

does for a cross stitch picture.


The backing fabric of the African Quilt.

Evelyn’s quilt was very bright and cheery. She wanted a floral design that

mimicked the flowers found of the fabrics on the quilt top.

Quilts like this one amaze me in that there is so much piecing involved. I don’t get

to piece much anymore but I do appreciate all the time that goes into making a

quilt like this.

The border area also received the same floral design but in a different pattern.

I love this design. I used to dislike quilting the border areas but now I don’t mind

so much.

The backing

A backing like this one really hides all the stitching. Please remember to think

about what look you want on the back of your quilt, before you buy the fabric

for the backing.

Nathalie’s Quilt

Nathalie made this quilt for her daughter.  If you look closely, you can see a

watercolor bird in the top third of this quilt.

Nathalie’s Quilt

Nathalie wanted some movement in the quilting so we went with spikes.

It does add alot of texture to the quilt, which I love.

The backing

A solid backing always shows off the quilting beautifully and it looks

totally different from the front. Good idea to use if you want to turn over the

quilt for a completely different look.

Have a good week, stay safe and stay cool.



Happy Belated Canada Day!

Happy belated Canada Day!

I am only a week late but better late than never. Hope you enjoyed the day last


This quilt was also late or behind in being quilted. Large quilts usually take

a whole week, if not longer to quilt.There is alot of thought that goes into

the design process and many decisions to make along the way. All part of the

fun though.

Dale made this beautiful quilt. I apologize for the bright photos.

I outlined the center Lone Star because I wanted to make this part of the

quilt, the focal point. I  also outlined the white blocks surrounding the

Lone Star, just to eat up some space and continue with the line theme.

In the floral blocks, I did a freehand feather background fill. Whew! That’s

a mouthful to say and type. Feathers were chosen because Dale likes

feathers and it goes with the traditional feel of the quilt.

In this triangular white area, I picked feathers as well. I like the classy

look of them.

I know, it’s bright. I did try to tone down the brightness but didn’t succeed at all.

For the pieced blocks, I outlined them because I think they look  better with

stitch in the ditch quilting but it is time consuming. This is a personal preference

as well.


The inside border received some lovely swirly lines. I did not keep track

of the designs but I will next time. If you want to know, just email me and

I can look it up in my records. I know that I did purchase these designs

several months ago when Dale dropped off her quilt. I had decided

to try out some new digital designs to go with the feather theme.

I think it worked out well.

The back of the quilt. I like to use the same colored thread for the top and

the backing. Some people don’t like the look of this but it makes tension

issues less of a problem for me.

This is the center of the Lone Star. Even though there are alot of feathers

stitched on this quilt, they are all different in shape and size, which creates

alot of interest on the quilt top.

The outer parts of the Lone Star. I tried to add alot of texture and I

accomplished this by using contrasting motifs beside one another.

Straight lines are a favorite of mine right now so I threw them in that area.

I use alot of monofilament thread to do all of my outlining of the piecing

blocks and the borders. Various thread colors are then used to fill in the remaining

areas of the quilt.


Desert Animals Quilt

Once again, I am still working on this quilt by Elizabeth Hartman. I only have

9 more blocks to complete -yeah!! I really like these quilts but there is alot

of prepping time to be done first. That seems to be the case with anything

that we do, prep takes the longest time.

Enjoy the heat and stay safe.




FIGO’S New Line…

Northcott’s new modern division, Figo, has just released another new line.

I had the privilege of quilting some of their  quilt for this new line.

Just a side note, I do not receive any compensation for posting this on my blog;

I thought that you might enjoy seeing the new fabrics and some of the new


I’m unsure of who designed the quilt pattern and   fabrics. I do try to keep track

of all of this pertinent information for you but not this time. I will work on this

for future reference.

The backing fabric. Karlee Porter designed the orange peel motif that was

stitched all over the quilt top. A clear monofilament thread was used for the

top of the quilt and matching polyester thread for the backing.

Whenever I use a Karlee Porter motif, the motif needs to be redesigned

in my digital program, Creative Studio 7, from Gammill, so that the motifs

are quilted tightly together.

A Modern Wave

This quilt has a design stitched onto it that is called “Modern Wave” by

Anita Shackelford. She digitally designs alot of quilting patterns; this one is

amongst one of my favorites. It’s so cool to watch it being stitched out and to

even look at it later, as it looks like there are actual moving waves on a stationary


Nova Star Quilt

Then Came June created this Nova Star Quilt. Alot of piecing involved but beuatiful when


Cactus backing fabric

The backing fabric is covered in cactus.Glad the fabric is soft and not prickly.

Circles were quilted all over these hexagons. I love all the stitching: it creates

so much texture. And I love texture!!


The backing fabric has cats all over it. For all those cat lovers out there, you will

love this new line.

Tessa Quilt

The color orange is really beginning to grow on me. This quilt is very cheery and makes

me happy just looking at it. Don’t we all need a shot of happiness right now?

Kitchen Table Quilting designed this quilt.

The backing fabric is cheerful as well.

Modern Squares

“Solistice Lights” by Cotton + Joy is the name of this quilt. Monofilament thread was used on the

front and matching thread again, on the backing.

I could go for an ice cream cone right now. r

The backing fabric looks like alot of fun. Take a closer peek and you will

see people swimming in the water.


This quilt was designed by Pen +Paper Patterns.  The title of the quilt is “Fresh As A Daisy.

Christina wanted straight line quilting, which I love, and the end result is texture.

The backing

The Mary Quilt was designed by Kitchen Table Quilting. She has designed alot of quilts.

The backing fabric is full of flowers too. A grid was stitched all over the quilt top.

I actually designed it myself. I am getting a little braver these  days and trying out some

new ideas. It’s not as scary as I thought it was. Maybe it’s time for you to try some

new things too.

Hope you have a good week.