CoVid 19

I hope that everyone is staying safe and staying inside as much as possible.

Covid 19 is certainly creating quite a stir but it is a good time to get some

sewing and quilting done.

Here are some pictures from a long time ago. I can’t even remember

when I quilted these. Enjoy.

Barb’s Quilt

Barb bought alot of mens shirts from a second hand store. She decided to make a quilt

using the shirts. The blocks are different sizes and colors.Straight lines were stitched

in an “X” to hold the top together. Because there are so many lines and blocks, the

simple straight lines were a good choice.

Square Quilt

I love all of the straight lines in the blocks. I used a light cream polyester thread

for the top and the backing.

Wedding Quilt

This quilt was made for a special couple who were getting married.

The whole quilt

I love the blocks on the outside of the pictures. A panto was used to add some

texture in this border area. A light cream thread was used for the top and the backing.

The Backing

I am assuming that the groom to be must love hunting.

See you next week and stay safe.

Going to Paducah….

This quilt was made by Darlene. I love the red colors.

Karen Kay Buckley designed Fiesta Mexico and Renae Haddadin did the

quilting. Boy, did I ever learn alot working on this quilt.

My comfort zone was smashed to bits. Because I upgraded to a digital

self quilting machine, I wanted to try out some of the cool designs available to


Some of the quilting is  similar to Renae’s  but I wanted to put my own

spin on this quilt. Some of the motifs were fun to quilt and other ones

were causing me to pull my hair out.

All the fabric prints were alot of fun. There are so many ways that you can

quilt this quilt. The possibilities are endless;  sometimes, it is hard to pick

a design.

I used a clear monofilament thread for all the ditch work. Then, once that

is done, the fun can begin.

The yellow center block

Circles were quilted around the white circle but I added motifs in the corners.

I thought that the swirl  motifs would add some interest to the quilt top.

The white circle

In the white center area, I made half circles. It is pretty dense quilting in this area,

sometimes, you have to be careful with such dense quilting. The quilting really makes

the fabric stiff and it doesn’t lie flat. Ask me how I know this?

Outside flower

The background fabric in this block had  waves  and swirls printed all over it. Instead of fighting

the print, I thought that I would quilt waves and swirls. Once, it was quilted, the

texture was phenomenal. I really liked it alot.

Yellow Square

I stitched in straight lines in and around this block.

The border area always causes me to doubt myself. On this quilt, I stitched in flowers all over the

border but I also stitched in wheat deisgns all over the bottom of the border. On the top of the

border, I quilted in a stipple. So, two different motifs quilted in the border area, that’s a first

for me.

I wanted a different design on the vase. Straight lines and circles were added, it works with

different areas of the quilt.

In the background area, cross hatching was added as well as a tight stipple.

I added several flowers in the area to mix it up a bit. The cross hatching is always a  pain to

quilt but it looks fantastic once it is done.


This big block turned out  nicely.

Ahh, the back of the quilt; it tells its own story.

There is alot of different thread colors because I matched threads to

the top and the backing. It helps to cut down on tension issues whe using

two different thread colors.

The backing

The quilting really stands out but you have to clean up the backing when you are finished

and hope and pray that all your stops and starts are well done.

The big center block. Lovely texture.

The vase from the back side.

I am pleased to tell you that this quilt has been accepted into the Paducah

Quilt  Show, 2020. Darlene is so excited and so am I.Good luck Darlene!

Have a great week!


Two Weeks In A Row….

I’m on a roll by posting pictures on my blog, two weeks in a row.

As promised, here are some of the modern quilts that I quilted for Figo, for

Quilt Con, several weeks ago.I think this quilt is called Paper Cuts byThen

Came June.

The backing was very bright; you can see the stitching really well.

I used a monofilament thread on the top and matching thread for the


Christina made  this quilt in the summer; she wanted lots of

straight line quilting. There are two separate blocks in this quilt so

I decided to quilt two separate designs in the blocks.

Straight lines were quilted across all of the background fabric.

Once again, a monofilament thread was used for the top of the

quilt and a matching thread for the backing.

The backing fabric was interesting.


This quilt is called Stellar Mosiacs. Not quite sure who designed it,

sorry, I forgot to write down the designer.

The quilting design used is Mosiac  Circle Star by Urban Elementz.

The backing of the fabric, I love the blue fabric used here.

Angie’s Quilt

Angie made this quilt for a special someone. She wanted swirls quilted

all over the quilt top. I used a white Omni polyester thread for the top

and the backing.

Quilt Top

The backing of the fabric shows off the quilting beautifully.

Joyce made this huge quilt. It measured in at 107 x 104. I think that

it’s the biggest quilt that I have quilted.

The center of the quilt. The fabrics used in this quilt is gorgeous!!!

I quilted an overall design called “Water  World” by Willow Leaf STudio.

The backing of the quilt.

I am still working on my daughter’s quilt, by Elizabeth Hartman.

It is called “Desert Delights.”  It is sewing up quickly but it doesn’t help that

I keep making silly mistakes.

Have a good week.


Catching Up…

Once again, I am trying to catch up on my blog posts. Here are some of the quilts

that I have been working on lately.

Quilt Con, 2020, occurred last week. Here is one of the quilts that I did for Figo,

Northcott’s new modern division.

I used a monofilament thread on the top and a So Fine green on the backing.

Here is the backing fabric, love this shade of green. A wavy design was chosen for the

quilt top.

Angie made this quilt for a special someone.

A butterfly motif was used for the design. It was a new design that I picked up

at Urban Elementz. I will have to check my records to see exactly what it is called.

The backing fabric had dragonflies all over it. I used a light blue Omni

thread for the top and the backing.

Angie’s BAby Quilt

THis quilt is so adorable. I love the outer borders, it adds interest by  breaking up

the border with 2 different fabrics, placed on an angle.

Because this is going to a special young boy, I thought that deer prints would be appropriate

in the outer border. The panel was stitched around and bees were  placed in the pink/red inner



The backing had lots of owls on it, gorgeous fabric! Well done, Angie!

Delightful Desert 

I am working on this quilt, by Elizabeth Hartman, right now. It seems like alot of

piecing but I am  being surprised by how fast these blocks sew up. The most time

consuming part of this whole process is the cutting of the fabric.

The Aloe blocks are done for now. I need 6 but my daughter could only manage to pick

6 fabrics for now so I have to make the other 3 later on.

The leave are done as well. I thought that I would start with the easiest blocks first

and work my way up to the more complex blocks.

Pamela Puma is missing a friend but she will join the others soon enough.

Carlos Coyote is all done. I actually saw 3  coyotes yesterday, around this area. I had better

be careful not to make an elephant block any time soon.

Hope you have a great week and I will try to show more Figo quilts next week.

A few more quilts and fabric postcards…

Here are some things that I have been working on lately.

But first, a few of my customers’ quilts that I have completed for them.

Quilt of Valor

Ellie brought this quilt for a soldier for the Quilts of Valor program. Her Church Group

made it especially for this special person who works in the Canadian Armed Forces.

The blocks are all different but the colors used remain the same, reds, whites, black and yellow.

The yellow is quite nice and makes the quilt very cheerful.

Ellie designed this corner poppy block by herself; I think she did a great job!

More blocks within this quilt.  A very light polyester thread was used for the  top

and for the backing as well.

The borders on the outside of the quilt.

The backing of the quilt really shows off the stitching. “Maple Syrup”

was the panto used all over the quilt. It seemed appropriate for the

theme of the quilt.

Ellie’s Quilt

Ellie also made this cute quilt for her grandson. She wanted animals to be

stitched all over the quilt. I found a pattern on the Gammill Pattern Cloud website.

A close up of all those animals. I used a polyester thread to match the top color of the

quilt and the same color on the back of the quilt.

The backing shows off the stitching and the animals beautifully. If you want the stitching

to show up in the back of your quilt, use a solid color.

Fabric Postcard #1

I made this fabric postcard for a special someone. It is a Robert Kauffman

print that I cut up for the postcard. I love the colors of this print. Hope Jean does as well.

FAbric Postcard #2

I made this one for Joan. Hope she likes cardindals. Again, a Robert Kauffman print. They are


Graduation Quilt

My daughter is graduating from high school next year . Yes, I know, its pretty early but

I usually dont have alot of time to sew so I am starting early. There is alot of piecing

in this one. IF you ever decide to piece a, Elizabeth Hartman pattern, make sure

you are organized and have a huge stash of ziploc bags. They are keeping me sane

and organized. I will let you know how the progress is going.



Yes, I Am Still Alive…

HI everyone,

Sorry that it has been over 6 months since my last post. LIfe has been busy

and I have neglected my blog. I’m hoping to begin posting once again.

I’ll make this my one and only New Year’s resolution. I hope you had

a great Christmas and New Year. Here are a few photos from last year to

wet your appetite.


This is one of the modern quilts that I quilted for Northcott’s modern department,Figo.

I can’t remember the designer and pattern name but I promise to keep better records

from here on in.

Sea Shell Quilting

Christine, the head of Figo, wanted sea shells all over the quilt. I think the design came

from Urban Elementz. They carry alot of digital and paper quilting patterns.

The backing

Here is the backing of the quilt. I really love this fabric, so soft and pretty.

Modern Quilt

Another quilt for Figo. I used a monofilament thread on the top and a soft Omni

grey thread on the backing.

Karlee Porter Quilting design

The quilting is designed by Karlee Porter. It is a square with a slight curve but it

stitches out in a really cool shape.

The backing

This fabric is a new line that Figo launched this past fall. It deals with the Zodiac.

Modern Quilt #3

A Close up

The quilting on this modern beauty is a simple wavy line. Again, I used a clear

monofilament thread on the top and a light cream Omni  thread on the backing.

The backing

Another close up

I hope you liked the  pictures. Hoping to be back next week  but if not, in 2 weeks for sure.

Have a great week and keep stitching.


Hit And Miss..

Unfortunately, my blog posts have been a hit and a miss lately. I am hoping to

remedy that by blogging more. In the meantime, here are some quilts that

I finished for customers in the winter.

I am unsure of who made this sampler but I do love the colors.

A light polyester thread was used on the front and on the backing as well.

The backing wasn’t made of cotton but flannel. You can see the texture so much

more with flannel.

Julie made this quilt for a special someone. It consists of a Robert Kauffman print and

pieced blocks.

Maple Leaves were quilted all over the quilt to make it truly Canadian.

The backing fabric.  Blue thread was used for the top and the backing.

Eugenia’s Quilt

This quilt was so cute. I love it. Eugenia made it for her grand daughter.

It has famous female heroines in all the blocks. And the colorful border was

made of strips of colorful fabrics.

I quilted straight lines around all the blocks so that they were emphasized.

In the background fabric, I quilted in loops, which  ties in with the theme of the


The backing is great too, matches the quilt top.

Japanese Fabrics

These two quilts consists of Japanese fabrics and I quilted them in two different


A cross hatch was quilted on the top of the quilt and flowers on the bottom section.

There was also an orange Japanese quilt as well. I wanted to quilt something

different in this one so I quilted in floral motifs.

The backing shows off the quilting beautifully.

Japanese Quilt

This is what the second quilt looks like.

Pat made this modern baby quilt for a new baby.

Don’t you just love the giraffes?

To keep with the modern style of this quilt, straight lines were quilted all over

it, using a white thread.

Minky was used on the backing and it shows off the textures so well.

It is extremely soft and oh so thick as well.

The whole backing. Love the texture.

Anne made this colorful quilt out of a printed panel. Borders were added and

voila, you have a quilt.

I used a lime green thread to quilt around the lily pads.

In the border, I used a pink thread and added a simple vine motif.

The backing is pink as well. The young lady receiving this quilt really loves


Julie made this second quilt as well. Again, a Robert Kauffman print was used and Flying

Geese were added too.

Oak leaves and acorns were stitched all over the border.

I love the bear and her cubs.

The backing shows off the quilting nicely.

I love the colors in this quilt. I can’t imagine the time it took to piece this


A close up of the quilt and the backing.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and have a good week. See you next week.

I Have Upgraded…

Connie made this beautiful Elephant Wall hanging in the fall but I am just

getting to showing you now. I also have a surprise for you at the end of this


Don’t you just love the colors of the elephant? And all those gorgeous Kaffe Fassett fabrics?

Here is what the quilt top looks like when I get it. It feels like a blank canvas to me. This part

of the process is both exciting and scary. Trying to figure out a game plan and waiting to

see how the stitching will bring the piece to life.

Elephant’s trunk

This is my second Elephant that I have quilted. I knew that I wanted to keep the quilting as

realistic as possible.

The outer borders

I was trying to depict dust and swirls around the outside border of the elephant. Connie is a big

fan of Angela Walters, so that was my cue to find motifs that she uses and place them all over

the quilt.

The swirls were used to replicate dust around the charging elephant.

I love the elephant’s feet; I think this is my favorite part of the quilt.

The tusks are stitched using cream So Fine thread and stitched to look as if they are


Here is the finished piece. Isn’t it amazing how the quilting brings the elephant to life?

The backing is so cool! I love all the texture the stitching creates. I used different colored threads

on the front to match the colors of the fabrics  that were used to create the elephant.

On the backing, I used the same thread colors as the threads on the front of the wallhanging.

It makes tension issues less of a problem for me. I love his feet; all those wrinkles are so much

fun. Connie liked her elephant so that is all that really matters to me.

This T-shirt quilt was quilted using the Spiral Rings design.

I used a light grey polyester thread for the top.

More cool T-shirts. What a great way to use up all those unused T-shirts.

T-shirt Quilt

The backing shows off the texture so clearly.


Here is my surprise! I recently upgrade to the  Gammill Elevate. It can quilt by itself and I can

work on something else while it is working too.

Its only been 2 weeks so I am still learning how to use it. There is a bit of a learning

curve but I am determined to learn how to use it to its full potential.

Lots of ideas swimming around in my head. I am hoping to find some time to play.

Have a great week.


Did You Miss Me?

It has been a while since I blogged so I thought that it was time I said hello

again. I have been wondering if you missed me?

Here are more quilts for your viewing pleasure.

Forest Quilt

This quilt was huge and also an experiment by one of my customers. It did turn out really

nice but when you are working on the bias, beware of stretching. Please take precautions to

minimize how much the fabric will stretch on you.

Forest Quilt

In order to minimize stretch, you can glue baste the block together; you can also pin like crazy

and keep measuring your block as you construct it.  This helps to keep the finished block true

to whatever size it is supposed to be.

Border area

The backing

A simple quilting design was stitched into the top. I didn’t want to cover up all that gorgeous

fabric with thread so I stitched around the trees and did a freehand in all the other open areas.

Backing fabric

Shark Quilt

Michele made this lovelty quilt with lots of sharks on it. I am really into the teal colors right now.

Funny how your  color taste keeps changing.

A close up view

An overall design was stitched onto the quilt top and it resembles waves.


Anyone remember the movie;”Jaws?” This quilt will definitely give you nightmares, just kidding.

It was fun to see how clever and creative  Michele became in order to create this  quilt for the

males in her family. I think that they will love it.

The Backing

More sharks

The backing even has more sharks on it. There were 3-5 sharks quilted onto the top as well.

9Patch Quilt

The colors in this 9 Patch are so colorful. It has been a long, dull winter so quilts like this helped

to keep me cheerful. I  call it color therapy.

Just pull out a quilt like this and all the winter blues disappear.

The backing shows off the Van Gogh Design quite nicely.

Darlene made this quilt for one of her grandkids. It looks so complicated but it consists of

squares arranged in a pleasing manner.

A simple quilting  design was all that was required and it adds movement to the top.

The backing fabric is quite lovely too.

I hope that the spring flowers are beginning to poke  their heads up  finally.

Have a good week and see you next week.



More Quilts For You To See..

Here are some  pictures of quilts that I completed in the Fall. Hope you enjoy the show.

Blue and White Quilt

Love the colors in this sampler.

I love the fabrics in this quilt.

The backing of the quilt.

Debbie made this King size quilt. Look at all that piecing! Wow!

Shibori Fabrics

I love all the textures in this quilt.

All of the pastel colors are so encouraging this time of the year.

Hexie Quilt

Love this quilt too.

Hope you enjoyed the Quilt Show. Have a great week.