Canadian Quilt Show-Part 2

As promised, here are more pictures of the Canadian Quilt Show, that

occurred several weeks ago. Once again, you may need a beverage

to keep you company.

Elizabeth Dillinger created this piece and won an award for

her Zentangles. She is located out of Oshawa, I think. A very

colorful piece that is all stitched with thread.

Kerry Burke’s Quilt

Kerry Burke created this piece and Rose Bell quilted it for her. Both are

very talented and it won 1st place in the Hand Applique Category. Congrats

to both of you.

I am not sure who made this  piece but it is interesting and thought


The Modern Quilt Movement is beginning to grow on me. I really
like the circles on this piece and the straight line quilting.

It is nice to see close ups of the piece so here are several for you.

Improvisational piecing adds another dimension to the piece too.

It was interesting at the Show because I ended up talking to a

stranger about design and composition. Even with modern

quilts, there needs to be both of these. What do you think?

I love this piece!! The colors, the details and the composition.

Here are several close ups as well. I can’t believe that the creator

actually zigzagged stitched around each piece. It does clean up the

piece but that would drive me crazy!!

Again, look at the colors. Gorgeous!

This white piece draws me in because I love straight lines. I guess

all those years of longarm quilting is catching up with me.

The calming lines also appeals to me here as well.

On to a more traditional quilt. I would guess that Judy Niemeyer

created this pattern. Theses quilts are very time intensive to create

but well worth the effort.

More modern pieces.

More circles.

Dorothy Fu

Dorothy Fu created this piece and it won an award too. Not quite sure for

what category but I am sure that Dorothy will be thrilled.

There is a Quilt Shop in Niagara Falls, called the Quilting Bee and the female

owner, Kelly Corfe, is a longarm quilter as well. She quilted this piece below and it

is interesting up close.

Kelly’s Quilt

Here you can see a tiger’s face in the fabric and Kelly quilted around it.

I think that this is either Tula Pink or Kaffe Fassett fabric in this quilt.

There were lots of modern pieces at the Show. It does make you

wonder how someone designs each piece or comes up with the

idea. I need  to have a picture to work from.

“Around Town”

It was quite interesting and fun to look at and examine.

This quilt below was quite stunning. Colette Dumont  made it, is from


An embroidered Quilt

This quilt won an award as well. I have no idea how she came up with the idea

and I heard that she quilted it on her domestic machine too. Wow!!

I wouldn’t want to try that.

There is alot of embroidery on this piece.

More close ups. The  pictures do not do it justice at all.

Corner blocks

Again, all the colors are embroidered. And there are a ton of crystals on it too.

Elephant Quilt

I love the purple elephant quilt.  Alot of pieces in this pattern.

Another traditional quilt.

The back of this quilt is interesting too and shows off all the work on the front.

Best of Show Quilt

Colette Dumont   also created this “Best of Show” Quilt. This one is smaller

than the other one but it is just as impressive.

Look at all the detail.

Once again, all the color is created from embroidery. She did a fantastic


The center of the quilt and the back of the quilt.

I also like this piece below. It looks Middle Eastern in the look and

feel. I don’t think that it won any awards, which is too bad because

there is alot of work and detail in this piece.

A close up of the piece.

This piece below also won an award. It is kind of a mix

between a hummingbird and a butterfly. It is an

interesting piece for sure.

Hope you enjoyed the Show and I think I have more pictures

for one more week. Have a great week.

Classes with Al Cote

As you know, my big birthday came and went a few weeks ago. In honor

of this birthday, I had the privilege of taking 2 classes with Fibre Artist and

Art Quilter, Al Cote. He is Canadian and lives in Niagara Falls. You can check

out his website here.

Al Cote’s work

I did ask Al if I could take photos of his quilts and he did agree.. I also

asked for permission to post these on my blog. Again, he was gracious

enough to allow me to do this. So, enjoy his work, he is very talented,

creative, and funny.

The purple Wallhanging

It is remarkable how creative Al is. He has the ability to make you

believe that you can make something creative as well. He simplifies

the process and helps you takes creative risks.

Another quilt.

I was hoping  to pick Al’s brain during class. I asked lots of questions and Al

was very patient in answering all my questions. I really love the fact that

he is constantly learning and growing as an artist. What a great challenge!

I think that I would love to follow in his footsteps, in this regard.

My favorite

I am beginning to think that I can create my own art quilts but instead of

pressuring myself to create pieces, I can just “play.” This takes all the

pressure off of myself and allows me to relax and just enjoy the process.

Maybe, just maybe I will create something that evokes beauty of some kind.

The purple wallhanging

Al creates a lot of painted fabrics for his art quilts.

One of the classes that I took with Al was called “Panels, Panels, Panels.”

As you can tell by the title, you buy multiple panels, cut one up, sew it back

together and create your layout.

This is the art quilt I created with one of my panels. I really

struggled with the layout but eventually I pushed through and

realized that I was trying to add too many colors. I tried a

more simple route and I think it works. I am so glad that

I figured the layout out because it makes me feel confident

enough to try it again.

I really like the orange fabric in this picture and I love the 3 pieces

of fabric laid onto it. I have yet to quilt it so I am sure that it will

look entirely different when it is totally finished as well.

The second class was called “Curve Piecing.” You had to pick

3 of your favorite fabrics plus a few others.

I have been wanting to make a blue and white art quilt for a while.

I was originally thinking that it would look like a wave but I

really like this art quilt as well.

This is what the orange section looks like; Al was gracious

enough to help me with the color choices and the layout.

And to make my birthday even more memorable, at the

Quilt Guild last week, I won this book. Isn’t that crazy?

I was so excited to win it. It has lots of colorful quilts, it seems

like this is the route I am taking right now.

Have a good week and check out Needle and Thread Network.

Cake and a Chameleon

At the beginning of the year, I made a resolution to try and create

some of my own quilty artwork. So far, this hasn’t gone too bad.

Here is something I have been working on this week.


Each year, Quilt Canada  has a Trend Tex Challenge at its

National Quilt Show. As a member or non-member,

you can purchase a kit and create a small wallhanging.

The kit contains 5 large fat quarters and a theme.

This year it is “Living A Life in Green.”

Sounds quite challenging, doesn’t it?

When the kit arrived, the 5 colors reminded me of

a chameleon I had seen on Pinterest or Google images.


So, I had to try it out. The technique I am using was created

by Susan Carlson. She recently created a 26 ft crocodile using

this cut and paste method.

She lightly glues down small colored pieces of fabric until

it creates an image or picture.


It is alot of fun but intimidating when you first begin.

I had done another piece (8″ x8″), several years ago.


This lizard caught my eye because of all the texture  he has.

I wanted to try to recreate him in fabric.


I traced the outline of him onto white fabric and then I stitched

all of the texture on my domestic machine. I used some

interfacing underneath so that the fabric wouldn’t distort with

all the stitching on it. Then I colored in the greens, browns and

blacks with coloring pencils. Finally, I  applied a clear coat over

the whole top so the colored pencils wouldn’t wash off or be

rubbed off. It was so much fun that I am doing it again.


Here is his leg. I apologize for the blurry photo but you

get the idea. This is what I call the “ugly stage” because

it looks like garbage until more pieces are added.


Here is the finished Chameleon. I have to finish the background

and add his spikes to the top of his back. The deadline is quickly

approaching so I have to push myself to complete it on time.

I don’t think that I want to give him up though. He is the

perfect pet, I don’t have to clean any cages or even feed him.


Susan brought me this quilt, this past week. I immediately

fell in love with it. It is called “Cake Walk” by Lori Holt.


I haven’t quilted it yet but I am so excited to do so. Susan is

so talented. She looks at a quilt and then modifies it, and

improves upon it, in my opinion.  I can’t wait to get at this

baby, it is going to be so much fun. Susan pieced the cakes

together and then bought all types of trim, in order to

create the “icing” for the cakes. What a great idea!

I am so inspired once again by Susan’s creations, that I

have got to make a fabric cake postcard. Wish me luck.

March Break is interfering with my quilting once again.

What about your March Break?

Don’t forget to check out

The Canadian Needle and Thread Network.

Keeping on track…

Even though it is only the second week into the new year, I am still

on track with my resolution to work on-and complete- some of my

own personal projects.


I have 3 Advent Calendars on the frame right now. You could say

that I am either really late or really early; it depends on which way you

look at it.


This is the center of the Advent Calendars. They are  pretty cute and stitch

up really quickly. I am getting ready for Christmas, 2016. Please, don’t send

me any hate mail for that last comment. The panels were purchased at

Fabricland and  several borders were  added  to enlarge the panel.

Besides completing these 3 projects, I have actually found time work on

my Monarch wallhanging.


Monarch wing

The wing is broken up into 2 sections and I used some fusible webbing

to cut and paste the pieces onto the black wing. I actually found a dead

Monarch and kept it in a plastic bag for a few years. I copied the

Monarch and enlarged it for the shape of the wings.  My kids think

I am crazy; sometimes, I think I am too.


Now, I just have to decide what color for the background. I am hoping to

have it on the frame by the end of the week.


This octopus has been waiting for several months to be put together.

I don’t like some of the fabrics I picked-the purple-but it is

staying that way.  The block is paper pieced and is part of a BOM,2015,

from Quilt Art Designs.  I only have 1 more block to complete and

then I can put the quilt together.

I do have an idea of how to put the 9 blocks together but hopefully, the

picture I have in my mind, will look good in reality.


Dale is quite the quick quilter. Here is another quilt that she has

completed. She wasn’t sure of what type of stitching but I thought

that the piecing spoke of a modern quilt.


The backing

We can’t forget the backing of the quilt. I used a polyester thread

for both the top and the bottom of the quilt.


Eva was in a recycling mood when she completed this quilt for

grandson.  The fabric came from a friend who was getting rid of

some fabric and Eva stitched it together. What a great

idea!! Free fabric and a completed quilt.


Here is a funky backing .

I hope that you are finding time to work on and complete some

of your own projects. It feels so good to actually complete

some of your own things.

Have a great week.



Birch Trees…

Susan brought me this quilt and I totally fell in love with it. I love

birch trees and maybe it has something to do with the fact that

while growing up, my family used it as a source of fuel and heat.


Pinterest and Charley Harper were the source of inspiration for

Susan. She saw a similar quilt on Pinterest but wanted to do it

a little differently. She had some fabric designed by Charley

Harper and wanted to incorporate it into her quilt.


What a great cardinal. So much attitude!  I think that I may

have to create a fabric postcard of this one.


Susan and I discussed what to do on the quilt top. All I could think

of was “branches.” Luckily, Susan agreed. To be quite honest, I was

scared to death of how I was going to quilt in these branches.

I did procrastinate for a while but eventually I had to quilt this



I was going to draw up a paper pattern but decided not to. I  laid it on the floor,

hoping that inspiration would hit me.  The white areas reminded me of

Birch trees and the blue area, the sky.

I printed off several pictures of birch trees and decided that I would

have to work backwards on this quilt top. Usually, I stitch the top

onto the backing and work my way down the quilt-top to bottom.

With this quilt, I had to baste from the top to the bottom and then

work my way back up, from bottom to top. This was the only way

I would be able to ensure that the branches were quilted in the right

direction, growing up and not down.


Then, I had to decided which branches would be in front of what

trees and what branches would be behind other trees. Also, the

size of the tree would also determine how large the branches would

be. For instance, a small tree would not have large branches nor a larger

tree, smaller branches. Yes,alot to consider but , in the end, I did

enjoy the process of it all.

Working from the bottom and checking with my printed off

picture, I started marking with a chalk marker. It rubs off

easily so I don’t worry about removing the marks later.



I also decided to stitch in the ditch around all the birch trees but

not the blue pieced sky in the background. I wanted the trees to

stand out a bit more than the sky. I used a monofilament thread

as well, on the top and a grey on the backing.


I am glad that Susan chose grey for the whole top or I would have

been changing thread like crazy. The grey also works well with the

blue and white and stands out a little too.


I began marking in branches and decided that the bigger birch

trees would stand out in front of the smaller ones. Smaller

trees mean that they are further away. So, I could stitch

branches on the small birch trees but not on the bigger ones.

I started stitching in branches and it looked okay. I just had to

keep checking which trees I had stitched over and which ones I had not.


Here is the finished quilt. I think it looks great. I really

love how art quilts are a bit tricky but you have so much

more freedom with your quilting. I enjoyed this quilt

so much, that I had to recreate it somehow. I didn’t have

a lot of time so I decided to make a fabric postcard.

I laid out layers of dark blue to light blue and then

3 birch trees on top.


I used a dark grey thread and stitched in branches. I really

liked how this little postcard turned out. I think I may have to

make a bigger version though.

See you next week.




As promised…

As promised, here is Linda’s BOM that she made at a local

Quilt Shop, Country Concessions.


As you can see from the photo, there was alot of fussy cutting and

piecing but Linda handled it all beautifully. Everything was flat and

square. No ripples or extra fabric in the borders at all.


The flower panels are really pretty. I didn’t want to detract from them so

I merely quilted around them. I had to do some type of stitching or these

areas would “puff” up.


In the smaller sections, I used a green polyester thread and followed the

print on the fabric. I think it looks like a wobbly cross hatch.


Originally I had promised to use feathers in the quilting so I had

to make sure I followed through. I quilted feathers on the 4 corners,

around the fan blocks.


In the green borders, I again followed the print of the fabric. I think

that the wobbly cross hatching looks great!


The white backing shows off the quilting. I used a white

polyester thread for certain areas on the top as well as for

the backing too. If I had to choose again, I would use a light

green because there was alot of green on the top.


This shows some of the stitching in the outer brown border. I went

with feathers again because I thought it was appropriate. You really

can’t see the feathers that much on the quilt top because the

outer border is a dark brown. If you want the quilting to be seen,

remember to use a solid color and not a print.


This shows some of that wobbly cross hatching. I love it!


The outer corner and the stitching on it.


This little fabric postcard was made after I had completed

an art quilt by Susan. She made an amazing art quilt of white

birch trees.  I loved her  art quilt so much that I felt compelled

to make a smaller version of it.

See you next week.

Barrie Fair Week

It was Barrie Fair Week, last week.  I call it a “week” because I volunteered there

just about every day, for the whole week.  There is alot to do, to organize, set up

and tear down in the HomeCraft Division.  As promised, I did take some pictures

for you.  I hope you enjoy the eye candy.


Here is “Lily of Rosenberry.”  I thought that I would put it in the Fair, to see how

it would show.  It won. However, it is easy to win when there are only 3 quilts in

the whole show.  I was disappointed that there were not more quilts but we are

hoping to generate more interest for next year.  There are alot of amazing

quilters in Simcoe County and I am hoping to get them involved in

exhibiting in the Fair next year.


Phyllis made this cute bunny wallhanging. You have got to love the bunnies.


Phyllis also made this cute wallhanging. She was able to draft the pattern

by looking at a photo.  Pretty creative, if you ask me.


This is my “Trillums” wallhanging I made several years ago. Elizabeth

Alexander held classes and I took one with her.  I am so glad that I did

because she moved back to Scotland this year. She is a very, very talented

fiber art and quilting lady.


This gorgeous wallhanging was made by Phyllis. I love how the beads look

like frost on the leaves.  It is so cool.  Phyllis won 1st in the Art Quilt category.

I think she mentioned taking a class for this art quilt but I don’t remember with



Don’t you just love this little mouse?  I think he is so cute!

Again, Phyllis made this little guy.  She not only quilts but knits and

crochets too.  Where does she find all the time to do all 3?


I love this doll! Her shoes were laced up and even the corset

on the back.  Another adorable creation by Phyllis.


I am unsure who knit this hat but it got lots of attention at the Fair.

If you are unsure of who he is, he is a character in a recent kid’s movie:

“Frozen.”  He is the adorable snowman, Olfa.


I thought that this was a cute centerpiece. The Class said

“decorate an old shoe.”


And who can resist the horses? I had to watch a few horse shows while

being there.


Isn’t this drawing just amazing?  There is one very talented young lady out

there. Pencil is the medium and the shading is incredible!  This will

definitely go on to the next level.


This drawing, of an mommy and baby dragon is cute too.  I thought

that the artist is very talented as well.



And who can resist this cute scarecrow?  The kids seem to love the

scarecrow division in the Fair.

I am working on some more fabric postcards and hoping to have

more for you next week.





Lazy days of summer

I am beginning to understand what the “dog days of summer means.”  Some days,

I feel like lying around by the pool and snoozing all day long.

In one way, I am glad that I don’t.  I would miss out on some really cool quilts.


This cool quilt belongs to Dale.  It is actually her second time making this

small art quilt.  The first one was for her daughter but in a different color scheme.


I really love the sun.  Even the fabric Dale chose suits the sun to a tee. Maybe in

the future, I will have to make a cool sun like this and use  it somehow.


In the middle section, I quilted a tree but you really can’t see it that well.

Stippling was quilted in all the large areas so that the elephant would pop

a bit more.


In the small lime green border, swirls were quilted.  The outer red orange border

received straight lines. On the top and bottom border, I stitched back and forth, so

that it almost looks like it has been cross hatched.


On the side borders, I stitched straight lines in only one direction. This just adds

a bit more of  interest to the border area.

On to the postcard challenge.  I completed numbers #4 and # 5 last week.  Here is

what they look like.

The top fabric postcard depicts some barns.  I used Inktense Pencils to color the

picture in and then water was added to make the inks more vibrant.  The finished

product looks more like a watercolor than anything else.


Here is a fabric postcard of my dad’s boat. The brown areas represent the

sea weed that floats on the ocean.  And the blue strip represents the mountains

across the ocean.  That choice is complements of Leni Wiener. She uses all

kinds of prints to add a little interest in her pieces.  Thought I might try it as well.


And finally, I have another postcard ready for Janet.  I sent her one for the

Canada DAy Postcard Exchange and hers was stolen on its way to BC. I guess

I should take that as a good sign that my postcard was a little ok.


Here is the new and improved version, which will make its way to BC, this

time in its own envelope so it can’t be lifted.

Have a great week and enjoy these “dog days” of summer.


IPM Quilt Show-Part 2





As promised, here are some more pictures of the IPM Quilt Show from

several weeks ago.  There are alot of pictures so sit back, relax and enjoy the show.


This is a great spring applique quilt.


Don’t you just love the colors and the binding between the blocks?


Hexies are all the rage right now, so this quilt is very hip.


There was an auction too for quilt blocks painted on wood.  These

can be used on the outside of barns, large buildings or wherever you

want to mount them.


A nice variety of blocks.


And different sizes as well.


This one looks like a baby block.


Wow!  All the piecing and borders on this quilt, make it quite



Can you believe that all the colorful strips on this quilt are made up

of the salvages  from the edges of fabric?  What a great recycling idea.


I would name this quilt “Truly Canadian.”


I love the owl in the middle of this quilt.


Celtic blocks anyone?


Not quite sure of the name of this quilt.  The funky

flowers are alot of fun.


Close up of the applique quilt.  Carl Schueller quilted this one.


A rag flannel quilt.  I am sure that it is really warm.


I have never seen a rag flannel quilt like this before.


Modern quilt, anyone? Modern quilts are really beginning to

grow on me.


Another beautiful hand appliqued quilt. There are alot of hand

applique quilters in this area.  Each one does beautiful work too.


Neat colors in this quilt.


The small blocks that are being echoed in this quilt is



I love fall colors and a neat idea to place the motif in the middle of

the star block.


I love this Christmas wallhanging.  Next time, I will have to take pictures

of the label so that I will know who the designer of the quilt is.


Don’t you just love the detail in this block? And the list of names is cute too.


More detail.  The embroidery on the circle is cute too.




The candy cane border is very eye catching and effective.


Who can resist cats?


This is a Buggy Barn pattern.  I love the whiskers on the cat.  I think

that they are made from wool.


Another nice pieced wallhanging.


More applique.


Don’t you just love the feathers around the block?


Another Canadian themed quilt.




This is another one of the 5 IPM Quilts that are being raffled off. Rose Bell quilted this

one.  She is a great longarmer in the area here.

Hope you liked all the pictures.  There are more to come.

I am linking up to Needle and Thread Network,  Freshly PIeced and Amy’s Quilt

Blogger’s Festival. You can see lots of quilts and vote on your favorite as well.

Have a great week and I will see you next week.

A Quilt Show-Part 1

This past weekend, there was a Quilt Show in Midhurst, Ontario.  Usually I have a booth

there and this year was no exception.

My booth at the Quilt Show

My booth at the Quilt Show

The lighting is bad so I do apologize for that.

There were alot of applique quilts this year but I will make you wait until next week

to see those.  There are too many photos to show you all of them right now.

The Art Quilts were pretty amazing too!

Linda's Art Quilt

Linda’s Art Quilt

This cute little guy was made by Linda.



And this little guy is so sweet.  I think the owner took a class with David Taylor.  This

is the outcome of all that work.

Cottage wall art.

Cottage wall art.

Isn’t it amazing what a person can capture in fabric?


This wallhanging is pretty cool.  I can’t remember the designer but

there is alot of hand embroidery in it.  Seems that hand embroidery is becoming

popular in the  quilting world too.

Mckena Ryan

Mckena Ryan

I am guessing that Mckena Ryan is the designer of this pattern.  It suits the

style of the piece.

Peggy's Cove

Peggy’s Cove

I love this  piece-“Peggy’s Cove.”  It reminds me of home-especially since I did grow up in Nfld.

Grace Errea style quilt

Grace Errea style quilt

This quilt was made using the pattern and technique used by Grace Errea.  I saw her on the

Quilt Show and want to try out her technique for making an Art Quilt.



Are these poppies?  I should have read the little note with the quilt but

being in a rush makes  you miss out on some details sometimes.

Jack In The Pulpit

Jack In The Pulpit

This one has an interesting name indeed.

What is living by a Great Lake without seagulls to annoy you?



This is my favorite wall hanging/Art Quilt out of the whole show.  I love the

fun that the creator threw in with all the 3D embellishments on the bottom of

the piece.  There is even a fishing lure  and a seashell  included in the piece.

Fishing lure

Fishing lure





And last, but not least, here is a photo of my quilt that was chosen to be auctioned

off by SACA. Made me feel pretty honored that they purchased a quilt that I made.

Auction Quilt made my me.

Auction Quilt made my me.

It even hung nicely-pretty flat and not many ripples at all.

That’s all for now but I promise more photos next week.

Have a great week.