A quick quilt binding tool?

During the summer, I bought this binding gadget believing the line that it was a quick way to make binding.

I was impressed that it had 3 different slots for 3 different sizes of binding – 2 1/4″  up to 2 3/4″ in width.

Binding gadget

Binding gadget

The gadget looked promising but when I tried it out, I was sorely disappointed.

I had to fold the fabric before it went through the slot and then you had to keep

checking that it was folded equally on both sides.  So, what a waste of time and money!!

While I was playing  with my new binding gadget, I made enough binding for 2 quilts:

a cute baby quilt and the Cathedral Stars quilt, pattern by Bonnie Hunter.

This panel came from Fabricland-yes, I can feel the shudders coming from you all!

Baby boy quilt.

Baby boy quilt.

I think it is cute.  What about you?

Fire truck on the baby boy quilt.

Fire truck on the baby boy quilt.

What is a baby boy quilt without a fire truck?

Here is the Cathedral Stars quilt-all done.

Bonnie Hunter's Cathedral Star quilt.

Bonnie Hunter’s Cathedral Star quilt.

Due to time restraints, I did a panto but it wasn’t that quick

due to its immense size.  I think 90″ x 90″. I decided to use a  So Fine golden thread-as it

blends well with all the different shades of brown, cream, red and gold.   On the backing,

I think I used the same thread too.

Close up of quilting.

Close up of quilting.

“Quirky” was the name of the pantograph I used due to its cirucular shape.  So many

points and square shapes within the piecing that I thought it could use something

circular quilted onto it.

Border of the quilt with "Quirky" as the panto.

Border of the quilt with “Quirky” as the panto.

This next quilt was pieced by Helen.  It is even more massive than my own: 120″ x 109″. Whew!

Helen's massive quilt.

Helen’s massive quilt.

That was one BIG quilt!  Helen wanted a  pantograph named “Flirtatous” but didn’t like the

size in relation to how big her quilt was.  So, off to Staples I went  and enlarged it.  It took

me a while to figure out the pattern due to its enlarged size but in the end it turned out well.

Close up of Helen's quilt.

Close up of Helen’s quilt.

I think that the original pattern was maybe 12″ in width and I enlarged it to 22″ in width, so it

is quite bigger. Hoping that she likes it.

I used a variegated thread on top-Sticks and Stones.  For the backing, she chose black to

match the color of the backing but what a nightmare for me.  It is difficult on a good day

to get the tension just right but when you have black thread on the back and a lighter on

the top-well, some issues arise.

So, please consider that when you are thinking of the fabric and  color for your backings.

There is an upcoming quilt show this weekend  and I am trying to finish this wallhanging.

Christmas wallhanging.

Christmas wallhanging.

This has been hanging around my house for several years now and finally it is almost done.

I love the fact that there are different 3D embellishments within this walllhanging.

My snowman.

My snowman.

For instance, I love the buttons on this snowman.  I just realized that he is blind and is

missing his eyes. And the owl is pretty cool too.

My horse and his bells.

My horse and his bells.

And, of course, I love the bells on the horse but don’t ask me what the bells are attached to

on the horse.



And I love snowflakes too.  These are crocheted-by me and have a little bit of silver sparkles

on them.  While they were drying I added some to make them more shiny.  And there are

some crystalson the wallhanging too.  A little bit of bling never hurt anyone.

I will try to get some photos of  the Quilt Show for you too.


Playing catch up.

School is in and I am playing catch up.  In several weeks  time, there is an annual

quilt show that I attend. Every year, it seems I am behind and have to race like mad to

complete a quilt to  hang in the show.  Only this year, I forgot to hand in my intent

form and so I have no quilt to hang in the show.

I do have a booth so I can hang it there.  It is nice to have a new quilt to show.

This is my new quilt-hot off the sewing machine.  If you look closely-it is not quilted!

This is my job this week-to completely finish and bind it.

A Bonnie Hunter quilt pattern.

A Bonnie Hunter quilt pattern.

This pattern came from Bonnie Hunter.  I think her website is called

Quiltville but I could be mistaken.  She allows people to use her patterns

to make a quilt but not to sell the pattern itself.  Pretty generous of her, if

you ask me.

I have been debating whether to custom quilt this one or just do an

all over design.  Due to the time restraints I have , I am leaning towards

a pantograph.  What do you think?

This cute quilt was made by my friend, Arlene.  She is a great piecer and I

love the colors in this quilt.

Arlene's snowman quilt

Arlene’s snowman quilt

Arlene wanted light stitching around the snowmen, in the panel


Snowman panel section

Snowman panel section

I didn’t want to stitch any design in the piano key border so

I stitched around each individual key. I think it helps the border

to stand out even more.

Piano key border

Piano key border

I also decided to put a small snowflake in the four corners

of the inner blue border.  Can you see them?  A swirl was

added too, just for movement and due to its quickness.

In each pieced block, I was thinking about putting in a large

snowflake to fill the entire area  but later decided against it.  I think

the snowflakes would have been too big.  So, I SID around

the pieced blocks and stitched in a smaller snowflake.

Snowflakes in the pieced blocks.

Snowflakes in the pieced blocks.

I think that looks better.  What about you?

I couldn’t decide which color of thread to use in the pieced

blocks so Arlene chose a gold color-So Fine too.  I think that

it looks better than either the red or the green.

Fall is quickly approaching, so I thought I would show you a

wallhanging that I made about 10 years ago.  I bought it as

a kit from Country Concessions, in Cookstown.  Usually, I

don’t buy kits but the colors and fabric in this one drew me.

It is even hand quilted-did it before I had my longarm.

I still love this wallhanging.

My favorite fall wallhanging.

My favorite fall wallhanging.

All the blocks are blanketed stitched by hand. Yes, it took a long

time but I enjoyed doing it.

Close up of corn

Close up of corn

Even the turkey received a blanket stitch.



What is a fall wallhanging without a turkey?

Have a great week!