A Stitcher’s Garden

This is Lynn’s beautiful quilt. She took a class that focused on machine applique

and  machine embroidery.  There are some really cool blocks within this quilt and

Lynn always has some incredible fabrics within the quilt top itself.


Lynn’s Quilt

I love the aqua blue border, it really adds a pop of color.


Blue border

In this block, the background has been quilted already.  Most of the blocks in

this quilt have this added feature.  It really does add another layer of dimension

and design to the quilt.


I’m not sure if you can see that there are pink buttons on the top of the flower.

There were alot of embellishments added as well.  Lynn mentioned that each

block took up  alot of time to create.  I believe her, so much detail in each block.


A multi colored yarn was used for the center of the flower heads.  It is amazing

what different fibers one can use to embellish a quilt.


This is one of my favorite  blocks.  These flowers are surrrounded by a thick

thread called Razzle Dazzle, by Ricki Tims.  I quilted a small zigzag stitch

around the thread, just to give it more stablilty and help keep it from sifting

or coming off the quilt top.  In the centre of each flower is a piece of thin

foam, in the shape of a flower petal.  Lynn mentioned picking these up

at the Dollar Store.  Again, you have to keep your eyes open to the

possibilities of what  materials,besides cotton, you can use in quilting.


This multi colored flower was created by machine embroidery.  Isn’t it

gorgeous?  I totally love it!  I can’t imagine the amount of thread it must

have sucked up though.

In the purple border. I stitched in feathers.


Again, the blue flower head draws me to it.  Around this block, I stitched

a simple loop de loop design.

The buttons around this block are so cute. Michaels, is the store where

they were purchased.  The thread that has been stitched around the block

is pretty thick as well.


The background area has a stitched vertical line in it as well. I think that

the students in this class were encouraged to use some of the decorative

stitches on their sewing machine.  What a great idea to use these stitches

in this way.  Most of us don’t use these decorative stitches at all.


The background area has stitched lines are

cross hatched.

I wanted to do something different in the half square area, so

diagonal lines seemed interesting.  In the pink area, I stitched

in a wavy line, just to add some  contrast to the area.


The flower, on the left hand side, is another machine embroidered flower.

This is another cute flower.  I like the diagonal background lines and the

foam center too.  As you can see, there were alot of little borders surrounding

the blocks  so I tried to use the same motifs over and over but in different areas.


This block looks similar to a previous one but the flower is different.

I like the stitching in the background area too. There are 2 layers of

batting in all of these blocks too.  The first layer was added when

the block was constructed and all the background stitching was done.

The second layer was added when I quilted the quilt too.

Another neat block and stitching in the background area.


Around some of the blocks, there was purple sashing.

Loops were added in the purple sashing, just to mix up

the quilting a bit and add some interest.

Rick rack is what makes up the stem of this flower.  Again, what a great concept.


I think this may be the last flower block.  I took pictures of each one.

There is so much color, detail, embellishments and stitching to this

quilt top.  It is amazing and a work of art, in and of itself. I think that

Lynn must have had alot of fun creating this quilt.


What a great color for the backing of the quilt. You can see the feathers and the

swirls that were used on the outer purple border.


More of the quilt back.  This quilt was alot of fun to quilt.  I spent alot of time

just looking at it and finding so many neat items that can be added to a quilt top.

Whoever designed this quilt is very clever and creative.

See you next week.


A quick quilt binding tool?

During the summer, I bought this binding gadget believing the line that it was a quick way to make binding.

I was impressed that it had 3 different slots for 3 different sizes of binding – 2 1/4″  up to 2 3/4″ in width.

Binding gadget

Binding gadget

The gadget looked promising but when I tried it out, I was sorely disappointed.

I had to fold the fabric before it went through the slot and then you had to keep

checking that it was folded equally on both sides.  So, what a waste of time and money!!

While I was playing  with my new binding gadget, I made enough binding for 2 quilts:

a cute baby quilt and the Cathedral Stars quilt, pattern by Bonnie Hunter.

This panel came from Fabricland-yes, I can feel the shudders coming from you all!

Baby boy quilt.

Baby boy quilt.

I think it is cute.  What about you?

Fire truck on the baby boy quilt.

Fire truck on the baby boy quilt.

What is a baby boy quilt without a fire truck?

Here is the Cathedral Stars quilt-all done.

Bonnie Hunter's Cathedral Star quilt.

Bonnie Hunter’s Cathedral Star quilt.

Due to time restraints, I did a panto but it wasn’t that quick

due to its immense size.  I think 90″ x 90″. I decided to use a  So Fine golden thread-as it

blends well with all the different shades of brown, cream, red and gold.   On the backing,

I think I used the same thread too.

Close up of quilting.

Close up of quilting.

“Quirky” was the name of the pantograph I used due to its cirucular shape.  So many

points and square shapes within the piecing that I thought it could use something

circular quilted onto it.

Border of the quilt with "Quirky" as the panto.

Border of the quilt with “Quirky” as the panto.

This next quilt was pieced by Helen.  It is even more massive than my own: 120″ x 109″. Whew!

Helen's massive quilt.

Helen’s massive quilt.

That was one BIG quilt!  Helen wanted a  pantograph named “Flirtatous” but didn’t like the

size in relation to how big her quilt was.  So, off to Staples I went  and enlarged it.  It took

me a while to figure out the pattern due to its enlarged size but in the end it turned out well.

Close up of Helen's quilt.

Close up of Helen’s quilt.

I think that the original pattern was maybe 12″ in width and I enlarged it to 22″ in width, so it

is quite bigger. Hoping that she likes it.

I used a variegated thread on top-Sticks and Stones.  For the backing, she chose black to

match the color of the backing but what a nightmare for me.  It is difficult on a good day

to get the tension just right but when you have black thread on the back and a lighter on

the top-well, some issues arise.

So, please consider that when you are thinking of the fabric and  color for your backings.

There is an upcoming quilt show this weekend  and I am trying to finish this wallhanging.

Christmas wallhanging.

Christmas wallhanging.

This has been hanging around my house for several years now and finally it is almost done.

I love the fact that there are different 3D embellishments within this walllhanging.

My snowman.

My snowman.

For instance, I love the buttons on this snowman.  I just realized that he is blind and is

missing his eyes. And the owl is pretty cool too.

My horse and his bells.

My horse and his bells.

And, of course, I love the bells on the horse but don’t ask me what the bells are attached to

on the horse.



And I love snowflakes too.  These are crocheted-by me and have a little bit of silver sparkles

on them.  While they were drying I added some to make them more shiny.  And there are

some crystalson the wallhanging too.  A little bit of bling never hurt anyone.

I will try to get some photos of  the Quilt Show for you too.