Oh, Canada!

This post is dedicated to the great Country of Canada and to my friend, Lynn, for creating

this quilt and allowing me to quilt it for her. Lynn is quite the prolific quilter and she  finished

this quilt for an upcoming Guild Challenge. She did a great piecing job and her fabrics are always great!

Rosemary Makham is the designer -and she is a Canadian designer as well.  Yeah!!

The Quilt is made up of blocks that represent each Province and Territory. If you look at the

pictures closely, you will see that the colors, the piecing or the prints will tell you something

about each province or territory.

Lynn's Quilt

Lynn’s Quilt

There are blocks that represent all 10  Provinces and 3 Territories of Canada.  Let’s see if

you can guess which Province or Territory each block represents?  I will give you some hints

along the way, for those of you  who do not belong to Canada.

Block #1

Block #1

This block represents the province whose official language

is different from the rest of the country.  Yes, Quebec is the

correct answer.  I hope I don’t get into trouble with what I have

just written.

Block #2

Block #2

The western most part of the country  makes up this province.

British Columbia is the Province.

Block #3

Block #3

This block represents a Province that is  flat and is covered in a

golden color  (similar to what is in the block)at the  end of the summer.

Yes, Saskatchewan is correct.

Block #4

Block #4

This Territory is way up North and  is pretty cold all year round. The blue

fabric is covered with Inukshuks.  The Inuit( people who live up North)

create statutes out of flat stones piled on top of one another.

North West Territories is the answer.

Block #5

Block #5

This Province boasts of a famous schooner.

Nova Scotia would be the correct answer.  And for bonus points, do you

know the name of the Schooner?  The Blue Nose.

Block #6

Block #6

This province has alot of different cultures meeting together  and it has a huge

waterfalls as well.   Ontario is the province.  Can you guess the name of the Falls?

Niagara Falls is correct. This is beginning to fell like Jeopardy-a popular TV show in Canada.

Block #7

Block #7

This province is pretty flat and has wheat growing in it as well.

Manitoba is the answer.

Block #8

Block #8

This is a newly formed Territory within Canada. It is way up

North and very cold. The fish resemble the type of art

that the Inuit create. Nunavet is the Territory.

Block #9

Block #9

This Province boasts that it is the home of Anne of Green Gables. And the beaches

are all covered in the white sand-similiar to what is in the center of the block.

Prince Edward Island is correct.

Block #10

Block #10

This  Province has the longest covered wooden bridge in the world.

New Brunswick is the correct answer.  Do you know the name of the

city where this bridge is located in NB?  Extra bonus points for you, if

you do. Hartland is the home of this bridge.

Bllck #11

Block #11

This territory is in the northern part of the country too. The gold color

may represent the sunsets.

The Yukon is correct.

block #12

block #12

The only province that is an island- and is peppered with lighthouses.

And the people talk real funny there. Newfoundland (and Labrador)

is correct. I can say Newfies talk funny because that is where I grew up.

Block #13

Block #13

Can you see what symbol is on the brown fabric?  Each year this Province

holds a huge stampede.  The Calgary Stampede, that is.

Alberta is the answer.

I will have to check with Lynn to make sure that each block is correct.

Now, for the drum roll please.  I used a cream polyester thread on the front

and back of the quilt.  The pantograph I used is called “Maple Syrup.”

What a great name and so appropriate for this quilt.  The panto is made up

of Maple Leaves and swirls.  Our flag has a huge red Maple Leaf on it so

that is why I chose this pantograph.

Now, that you have learned so much about Canade in this post, I hope

you have a great week.